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55 Seconds Every Patriot Must Hear

In Democrats, Elections by Allen West

What can you do to help me “Hold Texas, Hold the Nation?”

Many of you have said, “Well, Allen, I don’t live in Texas, what can I do?” Here’s what you can do to help everyone understand this concerns every American, not just Texans.

In less than one minute, I explain the dire situation we find ourselves in, heading into the 2020 election.

We need every liberty-loving American to hear this, so they can donate, volunteer, pray, and get boots on the ground for this very real ideological battle.

Will you help me spread this video? It is posted on Facebook to share with friends, as well as Instagram and Twitter. Email it, share it, make sure as many hear it as possible.

With just a few moments of your time, we can “Hold Texas, Hold the Nation” and #KeepTexasRed

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LTC West is running for Chair of the Republican Party of Texas! To support his efforts, please visit his campaign website!

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