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A Disastrous 72 Hours For the Progressive Socialist Left

In Elections, Front Page by Allen West

There is a saying, “if you find yourself in a deep hole, stop digging.” I cannot think of a better way to describe the last 72 hours for the progressive socialist left, yet, they keep digging.

This week began with the left believing they had such wind at their sails, only to find out that they are DIW (Dead in the Water).

The first debacle of the week came in the state of Iowa, the Iowa Caucus. As of the writing of this missive, your friendly writer still does not know who is the confirmed winner of the contest. It is Wednesday, February 5, in the early evening, they only have 80 percent of precincts reporting. This dubious performance even led to an on-air meltdown by one Chris Matthews who claimed that “the Democrats could not even put together a three-car funeral.” I agree. And that is why these same useful idiots believe that they could run the entire healthcare system of the United States of America is absurd.

The left came out of Iowa in complete disarray, such a sad state that even Elizabeth Warren hid behind a staffer when seen exiting from a private jet. Their hypocrisy is utterly laughable.

However, through it all, one person is seeking to benefit from the chaos of Iowa, Mayor Big Gulp Bloomberg, who has decided to double his media ad buys. He must be seriously emboldened since DNC Chairman Tom Perez just changed the campaign contributions rule to allow lil’ Napoleon Bloomberg to appear on stage for the next debate. That has further inflamed the already infuriated leftist base who wants Bernie Sanders and will burn down da house if he does not get the Democrat (socialist) Party nomination.

And, let’s be honest, Mayor Pete?

The next disaster for the left came at their own doing, deservedly so, at the State of the Union address. It came on the eve of the Senate impeachment inquisition vote. The whole point behind this hoax was to undermine, wound, and damage President Trump. The left firmly believed that it would be President Trump’s ego that would be his downfall at the SOTU . . . Boy howdy, were they wrong!

From start to finish President Trump delivered a stunning, spectacular speech that highlighted the accomplishments of his administration. The real killer stroke were the personal examples reflecting the success of those policies. Who would not be proud for the little 9-year-old girl from Philadelphia who got an opportunity scholarship? Who would not be ecstatic about the veteran who overcame his drug addiction and is now fully employed with his life on track thanks to Economic Opportunity Zones? Who did not shed a tear for the little boy who wants to attend the US Space Force Academy . . . and his granddad who is a 100-year-old Tuskegee Airman who was promoted to Brigadier General by President Trump? Who would not be touched by seeing a little two-year-old girl who was born at 21 weeks, and not want to end late-term murder of babies in the womb? Who would not feel a kindred heart with a man who lost his Brother to a criminal illegal immigrant who was released due to sanctuary state/city policies?

We know who refused to stand, applaud, or show any happiness for the triumph of Americans . . . the progressive socialist left, @TheDemocrats. #Sotu #SOTU2020 Click To Tweet

Yes, I could go on forever, but we know who refused to stand, applaud, or show any happiness for the triumph of Americans . . . the progressive socialist left, the Democrats. Even hearing about the historically low unemployment numbers for blacks, Hispanics, women, veterans, and the disabled, yet, they sat, with stern, stoic faces for the whole country, and world to see.

The SOTU disaster came to a fitting end for the left with the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, before the cameras, before President Trump had departed the speaker’s rostrum, began tearing up the SOTU speech. In essence, her petty and petulant nature forced her to tear up the stories of those Americans, rip apart their names. Her hatred of President Trump had transitioned to a firm disdain, fire hot hatred, of Americans.

The final nail in the disastrous 72-hour period for the progressive socialist left came in the chambers of the US Senate: President Trump was acquitted. The misguided folly of the left came to a silent end, only one questionable (Et tu, Brute?) person cast a vote along with the Democrats. All of the effort put into a partisan political stunt came to a crashing end. Yet, this same cast of clowns refuses to relent, and have committed to continue to go down the rabbit hole. Perhaps they will find Alice in their Wonderland for they certainly are Mad Hatters.

Remember what I said about stop digging?

The final nail in the disastrous 72-hour period for the progressive socialist left came in the chambers of the US Senate: @POTUS @realDonaldTrump was acquitted. #Acquittal #AcquittalDay Click To Tweet

Now, this has been a disastrous 72 hours for the progressive socialist left, so here is my advice, counsel, for President Trump. Mr. President, there is no need for you to deliver a speech tomorrow. If anything, your speech, the SOTU address, is what you want folks to remember for this week. If anything, Sir, just stay out of the news cycle for the next 72-96 hours. Heck, even James Carville is coming out and going nuts. Your approval ratings at the highest point. Americans are giving you high marks on the economy. We just had a record January jobs report. The NYSE just had a record one day of trading. Just allow all of this to settle in as the left turns its sights towards New Hampshire. If there is one thing to realize, they are hoping you will step on your own success and doing something that makes everyone forget about the past 72 hours. Mr. President, do not give the progressive socialist left the easy layup. Right now, they are stumbling around blindly just as when the Angels of the Lord struck the eyes of the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah for their sins.

Sir, you are forcing the left to make mistake after mistake and create the commercial ads which you can run continuously this Fall. I cannot wait to see the running cycle of Pelosi ripping up the SOTU speech in her childish rage, which some on the left are attempting to defend. You have the progressive socialist left right where you want them, confused, and in disarray.

It has been a disastrous 72 hours for the progressive socialist left, Sir. Though I hate the phrase, it is truly “yours to lose,” as right now, you have got this. Never forget Mr. President “Illegitimus Non-Carborundum!”

Mr. President, follow the sage advice attributed to the French General, and declared Emperor, Napoleon, “Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.”

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