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LTC Allen West is working with the Committee to Defend Donald Trump to assist with the president’s re-election campaign. As reported by Breitbart:

“The next election is critical, without a doubt there has never been a clearer choice between two different and opposing philosophies of governance,” he said. “The line has been drawn between progressive socialism and constitutional conservatism.”

“Either we abide by our Constitution and the rule of law, or we allow Democrats to trash it, institute their own rules, and take away our individual rights and freedoms,” West continued. “More and more people are understanding that is what this election is all about.”

In order to enlighten individuals about those consequences, West is teaming up with the Committee to the Defend the President, a pro-Trump super PAC, to help educate and register one million new voters in Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, and North Carolina ahead of 2020.”

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