A photo of CNS News contributor LTC Allen West.

In his weekly op-ed for CNS News, LTC Allen West reminds us to stay focused on George Floyd, his life, and his death, rather than those who would co-opt the tragedy for gain.

“It would appear, based on the video that we have all seen, that a very sick, demented, evil, law enforcement officer put his full weight, via his left knee, upon the carotid artery of Mr. Floyd, who begged for his life. In the end, George Floyd, arrested for forgery, handcuffed, lying on the ground with four officers hovering over him, was dead.

Initially, the officers were fired, and now the perpetrator of this brutal, savage, and despicable crime has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder. That charge is insulting, it should be first-degree murder and the three other officers should be arrested and charged as accomplices to first-degree murder.

There is not a single person in these United States who would side with those four Minneapolis police officers, who it seems have had previous complaints brought against them. I have spoken to many of my dear friends in law enforcement, and they are angry with these officers who have tarnished the reputation of our national law enforcement officers, as have others in the past.”

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