A photo of CNS News contributor LTC Allen West.

In his weekly op-ed for CNS News, LTC Allen West deconstructs the censure of MI State Representative Karen Whitsett:

“Rep. Karen Whitsett is the woman who sat with President Donald Trump in the White House discussing her use of the hydroxychloroquine protocol which she said enabled her to beat the COVID-19 virus and return to health. She thought for herself and praised President Trump, a heinous crime for which she must now be punished.

Imagine if this were a different situation, where a Black Republican elected official went to the White House and sat with President Obama, praising him for a policy decision. What would have been the reaction of the liberal progressive media? Chances are that person would be all over the magazine covers and the topic of much headline news.

And what if a white Republican State Party Chairman had said, “They do not belong to themselves”? Yes, that person too would be the center of much leftist media attention. That Republican state party chairman would be thrashed for using the pronoun ‘they.'”

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