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CNS News republished an article first appearing here on The Old School Patriot about Jalen Hurts:

I want to focus on the real story of the past two years in Alabama football: Jalen Hurts. I have watched this young man, and I’ve been highly impressed, but never more so than I am right now. See, it was last year in the college football national championship game when Hurts – then a sophomore – was struggling in the first half against Georgia. Coach Nick Saban took Hurts out of the game and put in a freshman, Tua Tagovailoa, who led Alabama’s comeback and threw the game-winning TD in overtime. Jalen Hurts had only lost two games his entire two years at Alabama up to that point. One was as a freshman himself in the previous year national championship game against Clemson, where he had put the Tide ahead with less than two minutes to go on a 50-yard run . . . and he lost to Auburn last year.

You can read the full treatment of the story at the CNS News site.

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