A photo of CNS News contributor LTC Allen West.

In his weekly CNS News op-ed, LTC West warns about “Red Flag” Laws, but also the glaring “Red Flag” of progressive socialism. The companion video is linked in the commentary at the site.

“See, the real “red flag” in America is the red flag of progressive socialism. It is the flag that fans the flames of coercion, intimidation, threats and violence. It is the red flag that has created our second domestic terrorist gang, Antifa. The first was the Ku Klux Klan. And both have been defended by the same Democratic [Socialist] Party. No one said anything about these red flags when they attacked our ICE facilities in Aurora, Colorado and Seattle, Washington. These red flags showed themselves when a young Asian conservative journalist was attacked.

These red flags spoke loudly outside of the residence of the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, where at least one protester expressed, according to Fox News, that someone should “stab the mother—er in the heart.” These red flags wave proudly when a leftist congressman makes a list of Americans to publicly shame and intimidate them just because they support President Trump. The progressive, socialist red flag flies when a leftist is on MSNBC and vehemently asserts that “pitchforks and torches” should come out to protest someone holding a fundraiser for President Trump. And this is all not even mentioning the businesses being targeted.”

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