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In his position as Senior Adviser to the Committee to Defend the President, LTC Allen West posits that our current crisis is an American crisis, not a political one, in this op-ed for the Daily Caller:

“With President Trump’s signing of a coronavirus relief package, we are reminded that bipartisanship is a powerful weapon — when our elected officials choose to wield it.

Because of that bipartisanship, Americans who are in quarantine will now have access to paid sick leave. The relief package also provides free testing for the coronavirus, while boosting unemployment insurance, food assistance and Medicaid funding.

President Trump is sending a clear message to the American people: The coronavirus is an American crisis, not a political one. Now is not the time to score political points, and those who are playing politics during a public health crisis should be ashamed of themselves. Now is the time to stick together and help those in need.”

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