Photo of LTC Allen West under the Daily Caller logo, for a piece written for the outlet.

As Senior Adviser to the Committee to Defend the President, LTC Allen West penned an op-ed for the Daily Caller with three reasons our economy should have reopened weeks ago:

“With each passing day, President Donald Trump is urging America’s governors to lift their unconstitutional stay-at-home orders. His “Guidelines for Opening Up America Again” — a three-phased approach approved by public health experts — have provided them with the blueprint.

But, in truth, the U.S. economy should’ve reopened weeks ago. Even as Trump stresses the need for consumers to “to get on with their lives,” the martial law and house arrest edicts now being prolonged by overzealous Democratic governors have set back economic activity by months. And it will be many more months until the American economy fully recovers.”

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