Allen West Old School Patriot Clint Lorance

Lt. Col. Allen West is elated that President Trump has brought justice to Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorence, Army Major Matthew Golsteyn, and Special Warfare Operator First Class Edward R. Gallagher.

Since 2013, Allen West has lobbied for the release of First Lieutenant Clint Lorance since 2013 and has been a committed supporter of both Major Golsteyn and Operator Gallagher.

Lt. Col. West is thrilled that, “The travesty of injustice for these men is over, especially Texan First Lieutenant Clint Lorance. These men aren’t guilty of war crimes, they simply did what combat leaders are supposed to do, engage and kill the enemy. If our Army could set Bowe Bergdahl and Bradley Manning free, who were guilty of desertion and treason, then no one should raise a contrarian voice in the matter of these pardons. Now, the military JAG officers responsible for withholding exculpatory evidence should be disciplined. God’s blessings to the families and to all who never lost faith and kept speaking up and out. Thanks, President Trump, for doing the right thing and standing up for our combat warriors.”

This is just another clarion example of how Republican and Democrat leadership diverges. Democrats pardon and release traitors, Republicans protect heroes.

Colonel West’s full statement and other releases can be found here.