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Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

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Happy Monday, folks!

Well, the 147th National Rife Association Annual Meeting and Convention is over, and it looks like there’s a new record for attendance, previously held by Houston.

To everyone that I got a chance to meet, chat with, and take pictures with, thanks for humbling me, and I look forward to seeing y’all next year in Indianapolis. I also want to thank everyone who attended our book signing on Friday afternoon, a quick sellout of all the books!

The convention was superb. The exhibit floor was just plain awe-inspiring. And guess what? No monkey business from protesters — hardly visible. Hat tip to the Dallas Police Department and their outstanding job, along with other Texas Law Enforcement agencies, in securing the venue and ensuring a safe environment for all attendees.

Ya know what was very interesting — and I was looking — no Little David Hogg. Now, the young fella did put out a really boneheaded tweet about the NRA being scared, since the President and VP spoke there for the first time. What Master Hogg didn’t explain was that it was the first time in 147 years that both President and Vice President addressed the NRAAM. President Trump has been there the past two years, and before that he was there two previous years. As well, it is not too often that you get the POTUS/VPOTUS speaking at same venue together, it’s all about security, and chain of command. And for Hogg to suggest that the NRA is scared? Fear does not result in an increase in memberships and a 15-year record in fundraising — that came in March 2018.

What I also did not find was blood on anyone’s hands, as asserted by David Hogg. At the annual meeting of members on Saturday, we recognized the youngest Life Member of the NRA; the little fella was just a year old. Who would demonize a one year-old American baby? See, that’s the NRA: a liberty focused grassroots movement that just confounds the leftists. And it is an organization, trust me, that is not on defense, not scared, but is ready for a fight, and is going on offense.

But, I do have a great story about a leftist organization that is scared. As reported by

“Over the next few months, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) plans to spend roughly $25 million on ballot measures across the country. What makes the 2018 midterm elections different for the ACLU, however, is the strategy they will be using. According to ACLU’s national political director Faiz Shakir, the political organization will do their best to emulate the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) member voting bloc. Part of the ALCU’s new strategy, known as the “People Power Initiative,” focuses on organizing demonstrations against some of President Donald Trump’s policies and having more of an influence outside of just the court system.”

“During an interview on CBS News’ “Red and Blue,” Shakir explained how the NRA has done a great job mobilizing voters, something his organization hopes to do: ‘I think that is something that you have seen the NRA do quite well, building an affinity with their brand, their own members. They have built the idea of the ‘NRA voter.’ I hope that over the next few months that you’re going to see the building and the flex of ACLU voters….I think the NRA has been very successful as a single-issue advocacy organization for many years and making their members feel affiliation with the brand and making members want to show up with each other in support of the causes that national [organization] suggests to them.’”

Hmm, can’t beat ’em, emulate them . . . next join ’em! What the ACLU has just done — and I want y’all to realize it — is to tell the NRA and its nearly six million members that they are effective. And what is it that makes the NRA effective? No, it’s not the firearms industry, it is passionate members — American men and women — as well as some foreign national members, who understand liberty. People that understand a Constitutional right when they see it, and recognize those who wish to take it away. What makes the NRA great is its highly competent and knowledgeable membership that knows the issue, and history.

What David Hogg got wrong is that the left is scared of the NRA. That is why the anti-gun left has taken the Parkland shooting incident and tried to pivot it away from those who do have “blood on their hands,” to the NRA, the Nation’s oldest civil rights organization. The left has enlisted kids like Hogg in order to try and destroy and undermine the political strength of the NRA.

People understand a Constitutional right when they see it, and recognize those who wish to take it away.. Click To Tweet

Let’s be honest, Barack Obama and his henchmen were successful in decimating the constitutional conservative grassroots movement, the Tea Party. Obama weaponized and unleashed the IRS on the decentralized group, going after the small chapters nationwide. There was no central Tea Party headquarters to provide top cover. The difference with the NRA is that it is well-organized at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels, and the coordination and synchronization is tight. The NRA launched NRA-TV to circumvent the liberal progressive media. The Friends of the NRA functions are local and even as some local government jurisdictions try to shut them down, it is impossible to do.

NRA members are passionate and are always up for a confrontation. That is because the NRA leadership doesn’t back down. And that is the case with all the incessant verbal and physical assaults and threats heaved upon them.

Now, the NRA has a POTUS/VPOTUS team that is not going to allow any federal government agency to launch an attack. Trust me, we all know that Obama/Holder tried with Operation Choke Point. And even now, with the private sector companies cutting ties with the NRA, they are facing a serious backlash. Of course, if Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine were the POTUS/VPOTUS things would be different…but the NRA would still not be scared.

What the ACLU doesn’t recognize is that even with all the billions of dollars from Soros, Steyer, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Buffett, and the gathered entertainment elites, they cannot match the passion of the NRA. Sure, they can try to copy the methods, but the left will never match the ability to execute goals like the NRA does, because they do not have the true believers in their ranks. This is the real lesson for the progressive socialist left to ascertain this: Liberty will always defeat Tyranny.

It is not about the numbers, it is about the will in each breathing chest to be free. The liberal progressive cause is not rooted in the fundamental principles and values of liberty and freedom. Sure, the left can rant and rage, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, or Antifa are examples, along with the “March for our Lives” rally. But, in the end, they fade as they are not grounded in truth, just insidious hyperbole and ideological agendas that history have proven failures.

Remember, it was the ACLU’s National Political Director, Faiz Shakir, who after this year’s State of the Union (SOTU) address that complained about President Trump “overusing” the word “America.” Now, does this chucklehead really believe that simply mimicking the NRAs strategy will bring about some winning formula for them?

Yep, the 147th National Rifle Association Annual Meeting and convention has ended, next year we will gather in the Hoosier State. One thing is for certain, NRA members love saying “America,” we love our American flag, and we all embody this as our motto, a rallying cry!

“I am the NRA, and I am Freedom’s safest place!” Hey, ACLU, what’s in your wallet?