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[ALERT] New Community ‘Patrol’ Raises Red Flags

In Culture, Front Page, Terrorism by Allen West

I find this video report from One America News just a bit disturbing.

I am reminded of the Muslim “no go zones” that have sprung up in countless European cities. I am trying to understand why the venerable NYPD needs any ethnicity-specific “community police” group? Do we now — or have we ever had —  Black, Hispanic, Japanese, Italian, German, Korean, Vietnamese . . . or dare I say, Christian, community patrols?

In the city where nineteen Muslims killed 3,000 Americans — and many more have since died due to complications of the toxic dust — why do we have Muslim Community Patrols?

No, I am not demonizing an entire group, but simply asking, wondering, why there is this special consideration? We all have neighborhood watches sponsored by local police departments. They travel in their own personal vehicles. And, yes, local law enforcement often enlists citizen volunteers to augment their efforts . . . but, it is not based upon a specific demographic or religious faith.

I wonder what the ACLU has to say about this? Personally, I think this is a very dangerous path to walk. Law enforcement should never sanction one specific group to have their “own” community patrol. I just have to wonder, whose laws are the Muslim Community Patrols enforcing? There is only one rule of law in our Constitutional Republic. No other, such as Sharia law, should ever be considered to be on par.

Lastly, I will confess, anything that the unindicted co-conspirator of the largest terrorist funding case, the Holy Land Foundation trial in Houston, Texas, and Muslim Brotherhood front group, Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) supports, and advocates, ain’t probably a good thing for America.

Okay, let me hear from you . . . What do you think about this? This could be very well coming to a city near you or your own city. After all, there appears to be an unholy alliance between progressive socialists and Islamists. How do y’all feel about having a Muslim Community Patrol resourced and funded by your taxpayer dollars, operating in New York City . . . or any American city?