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The Definition of Insanity: Vote for a Progressive Socialist — Meaning a Democrat

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Howdy folks!

Before I delve into the topic of this missive, I want to share something with y’all. As you know, the 147th NRA Annual Meeting and Convention has begun here in Dallas, TX. Warning to all snowflakes, there may be some “mentally ill” fellas in attendance — you know, masculine men.

However, I have a very special honor. There are times when you get to meet and develop a relationship with someone who is a true American treasure, someone who has stood up and left their mark on the history of our Country. One of those persons is a man — not just a male — a real man whom I can call a friend of our family, Mr. Richard (Dick) Heller. Dunno who that is? Well, read up on a Supreme Court case, and decision, called Heller v. DC.

Yes, that very same Heller who took on Washington, DC and affirmed our Second Amendment right. As I write this missive, Mr. Heller is taking a nap here at our home in Dallas. How awesome is that to have this man — the embodiment of the spirit of the Minutemen of Lexington Green and Concord Bridge — staying in our home! This is what America is all about, a kid like me, born and raised in the inner city of Atlanta, who grew up to be a Board Member of the Nation’s oldest civil rights organization, the NRA, and host a person whose name is legendary, and appeared before the Supreme Court. I will be hosting Mr. Heller during the NRA convention and that is a real honor.

Now, onto something that is not honorable, actually it is another example of liberal progressive insanity. Remember it was Albert Einstein who advised us that the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing and expect different results. And, so, we turn our attention to one of those bastions of progressive socialist lunacy: Seattle (King County) Washington.

As reported by the Seattle Times:

“Amazon is pausing the unprecedented spree of headquarters construction that transformed the city of Seattle over the last decade, suspending plans to add 7,000 to 8,000 jobs in 1 million square feet of new office space. Whether it’s a political maneuver to influence City Hall or an actual change in direction remains to be seen. But it could spook developers of housing and offices planning on Amazon’s continued growth. The company informed architects and developers Tuesday that pending the outcome of a City Council vote on a new head tax, it is pausing construction of a 17-story tower and may sublease rather than occupy a skyscraper under construction at Rainier Square.”

Yes, I know, you are asking, what the heck is a “head tax?”

“Amazon and much of the Seattle business community is strongly opposed to the City Council’s proposal to impose a per-employee tax of $500 per year. It would convert to a payroll tax in 2021 that would generate more than $75 million per year. The revenue is earmarked for homeless services and affordable housing, even though the city has already doubled its funding for such programs in recent years and spent $1 billion over the last 20 years but continues to struggle with improving the performance and outcomes of its homeless response. About $200 million a year is now being spent on homelessness and affordable housing in King County. The tax is proposed as a way to make the city’s taxation more progressive, although business now pays about 60 percent of the city’s taxes and there are no proposals to reduce any of the city’s regressive taxes. Council members could finalize the tax as soon as May 14. A recent public hearing on the topic was rowdy, dominated by social-service providers, activists and others demanding the city “tax the rich” and spend even more on social services.”

Insanity. Lunacy. Delusion.

See, when you are a progressive socialist the only way you can solve any problem is to create a new tax. Now, imagine this, the City Council in Seattle wants to punish corporations creating jobs by taxing every employee that they have…a head count tax.

I just have to ask, why would someone like Amazon President/CEO Jeff Bezos be a lefitst? I mean this is the epitome of hypocrisy, why is Amazon stopping the construction of this new facility? Why is it that there are threatening to pull out some 8000 new jobs? After all, Amazon just enacted a $20 increase on its Amazon Prime membership. So why not just go ahead and pay that $500 head tax on those 8000 new employees? Ha, it appears that Bezos, and Amazon, doesn’t like the insidious progressive, punitive, tax schemes of the liberal progressives who run Seattle. However, the greater insanity is that people still vote, and support, such lunacy.

Remember it is the City Council of Seattle that came up with the lunacy of a Gun Violence Tax. Yes, law-abiding legal gun owners have to pay a value added tax of $25 on any firearm purchased, along with a five cent tax on each piece of ammunition purchased. Why? To pay for the victims of “gun violence.” Yes, law-abiding citizens are punished for the actions of criminals…that is the delusion of the left.

And consider the fact that Seattle has already raised taxes higher to support more social services, the issue of homelessness continues. Maybe, the insanity of giving people more, for free, is a magnet for more people to come and want stuff for free.

When you are a progressive socialist the only way you can solve any problem is to create a new tax. Click To Tweet

Funny, you do not hear much about the failure of the war on poverty, and this is a classic example. But, have no fear, Bernie Sanders is here, and he believes that having a job is a right. So, I would suppose that ol’ Bern would force Amazon to hire these homeless folks, pay them the declared government “living wage” of $15/hr, which has not been very positive for the Seattle economy, and then still make Amazon pay a head tax.

“Tax the Rich,” “spend more on social services,” more lunacy from the leftists who fail to grasp the concept of individuals being able to work and care for themselves. Nah, that is not the preferable solution for the left, who want more homeless folks, and less productive citizens working.

Now, perhaps some of you are laughing, but imagine this: if we have a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives after the mid-term elections…would we have a National head tax? Yes, of course we would, because all one has to do is pay attention to the insanity emanating from places like California, Seattle, Vermont, and New York to ascertain what is the next loony leftist ideological folly.

Remember the California Assembly introduced a resolution, amendment, that would tax corporate benefits resulting from the GOP tax cut law.

So, why do we vote for these people and their whacked out ideas? And please, do not tell me because the left cares so very much for people…they just want control and a dependent voting base and electorate.

In closing, there is another level of insanity, lunacy, and delusion that perplexes me to no end. People will flee these areas, states and cities, that come up with this idiocy…yet, they wish to bring it to their new place of residence. When I hear people, truly crazy people, say they want to “Turn Texas Blue,” I have to ask, are these people mentally stable? Who in their right mind would want to implement the failing policies that we are seeing destroy California, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, and Seattle? Why would anyone leave these places for fiscally and economically successful Red States and want to turn them into the abysmal situations they left?

Only one answer, folks: insanity.