A photo of Sylvia Young, Anthony Benavides, and William H. Young in an article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot

An American Mother’s Plea to President Trump

In Front Page, Military by Allen West

One of the things about having such a platform as I am blessed to have is the responsibility of giving a voice to others. As you know, I have been I have been a staunch supporter for pardoning US Army 1LT Clint Lorance. For whatever reason, Clint’s cause has not reached the eyes and ears of President Trump and those who could make a difference.

Any travesty of justice disturbs me, especially when it happens to those we ask to defend our nation. I will continue to speak out on Clint’s behalf, doing anything and everything I can. I made that promise long before I met Clint’s mom, and after meeting her in Dallas, at Crossfire Defense Academy, well, I am even more committed to doing so.

Others in similar circumstances that we have discussed on these pages include Major Matthew Golsteyn, and Airman Michael Giles.

So it is that I received a letter, a plea from an American mother for her son. Just as Army 1LT Lorance has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment — I believe wrongfully so — this case is similar. The letter comes to me from a Mrs. Sylvia Young who is reaching out, pleading for her son, Anthony Benavides. Recently, President Trump signed into law criminal justice reform. Well, here is a great opportunity to right a wrong . . . and give a dying mother her final wish.

Perhaps it would be better if I were some glamorous, popular entertainment star like Kim Kardashian, but I ain’t. However, I am an American man whom God has blessed with a powerful platform, and the ability to speak for those who would go unnoticed and unheard.

Therefore, I am sharing this letter from Mrs. Sylvia Padilla Young of New Market, MD, and am praying that her wishes, her words, will resonate, and be heard. I pray that there will be action in this case. I despise child molesters, and their fate should be as it was in this case. From what I have read in background research on Anthony Benavides, he is indeed a “first-time non-violent offender,” and has been a model prisoner while incarcerated.

President Trump, this needs your immediate attention. Sadly, there are many in America that cannot just show up in the Oval Office to make their case . . . and get a nice photo-op. Members of Congress and Senate, get off your fourth point of contact and rectify this situation.

Sylvia, God’s blessings upon you, we are all praying for you.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West (US Army, Retired)

Sylvia Young
[EDITOR’S NOTE: letter published in its entirety, with very minor stylistic edits, edits for clarity, and correction of typos]