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America’s Fierce Sovereignty

In Front Page, Illegal immigration by Allen West

Remember that “manufactured crisis” of which the progressive socialist left harped on for quite some time, until their lie could no longer be hidden? What is quite disconcerting is that the leftist propaganda media is doing all that it can to hide this travesty, unless there is something to use for their political gain. We were all appalled during the Democrat [Socialist] debates when every one of them raised their hands responding in the affirmative that they would provide American taxpayer-funded free healthcare to illegal immigrants. What was also indicative that the progressive socialist left is not capable of defending our American sovereignty was the pledge by some that they would decriminalize the illegal entry into America.

And we wonder why we are being flooded by illegal immigrants? And these are not just folks coming from Central America or Mexico.

The left’s policy of open borders and refusal to take any action to obey their oath of office to our rule of law, the US Constitution, means We the People must act. And our first line of attack is to vote our every single person in elected office, or seeking elected office, who refuse to regard America as a sovereign Nation. And there is no better place for that stand to be taken that right here in Texas, my home.

As reported by Border Report, from McAllen, Texas:

“A swell of over 500 asylum-seeking migrants [well coached illegal immigrants] who are camping at the base of the Gateway International Bridge in Matamoros, Mexico, waiting to cross into the United States, have overwhelmed volunteers and available supplies. And a Texas congressman told Border Report on Tuesday that he fears the situation is deteriorating and could “turn into chaos.” “The reports that we are getting from volunteers and lawyers is that the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy is leading to what is an uncontrollable number of people that Mexico is not ready to care for,” U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela, D-Texas, told Border Report via phone on Tuesday. “And we have very little control with our ability to make sure things don’t turn into chaos on the ground.”

A month ago, the Trump Administration expanded its Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program to Brownsville, in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. This policy requires that asylum-seekers are returned to Mexico to wait outside of the United States for the duration of their immigration proceedings.

A Jan. 24 memo by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security explaining the program says that “Mexico will provide them with all appropriate humanitarian protections for the duration of their stay.” The DHS memo states “MPP will help restore a safe and orderly immigration process, decrease the number of those taking advantage of the immigration system, and the ability of smugglers and traffickers to prey on vulnerable populations, and reduce threats to life, national security, and public safety, while ensuring that vulnerable populations receive the protections they need.”

However since the program was implemented in Brownsville, in mid-July, a core group of volunteers and lawyers have traveled from South Texas to Matamoros every morning and evening offering food, medicine, and legal advice to the awaiting migrants. Vela says the migrants lack nutrition and amenities. And on Monday the numbers swelled so much that the volunteers began running out of provisions, and are uncertain how they will feed and serve all who are in need.”

Needless to say, I think we can all surmise that the Border Report is a progressive socialist leftist outlet. Perhaps if this very unobjective, politicized, “report” was to look at this issue from a Constitutional basis it would read much differently. It is apparent that the purpose is to shoot holes in the policy of the Trump administration to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into our country; no more catch and release. I find it very interesting that every day we have American “immigration” lawyers who are going into Mexico, for what purpose? As I stated previously, “well-coached illegal immigrants.” This article seeks to tug at the emotional heartstrings in full disregard to the plight of law-abiding Americans who reside along the Rio Grande Valley (RGV).

First of all, if these were true “asylum seekers,” then they would have requested asylum at the first border crossing they encountered. Instead, for some very odd reason, they are allowed free passage to come to our border, where they demand to be allowed entry, then released. All that is due laws which do not safeguard our national sovereignty, instead, seek to undermine it. Let’s be honest: if you were being told, in Spanish, that if you can get into the United States you will be released and given free benefits . . . ? Heck, there are even places, states, and cities, where you will be protected, safeguarded, and they call it “sanctuary.” Yes, the “Federales” are not allowed to touch you, regardless of your previous criminal record, previous deportations, or membership in gangs. Yes, I would be busting down the gates to gain entry also.

I am sorry, but fleeing from gangs or seeking a job are not reasons for granting asylum. Heck, folks in most American inner cities would like to flee from gangs.

Democrat (socialist) Congressman Filemon Vela states, “And we have very little control with our ability to make sure things don’t turn into chaos on the ground.” Sorry Congressman, the maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters. You have plenty of control, you have a Constitution, you are an American lawmaker, uphold your oath to our rule of law.

Ladies and gents, when it comes to the progressive socialist left, nothing is spontaneous, it is always part of a strategic plan. In this case, the goal is to swell the population of these United States of America with illegal immigrants, just in time for the 2021 census/redistricting. Let’s not forget who is in charge of the Democrat redistricting effort: yep, one Eric Holder. There is a reason why the progressive socialist left does not want a question on citizenship reinstated on the US Census. If it ends up that elected representation is just based upon numbers, not citizens, then you know what that means. That is certainly the case in Texas, where the left hopes to flip the Texas State House, just in time for redistricting.

When President Trump threatened to send all these “asylum-seekers” to designated sanctuary states and cities, the left went apoplectic. See, they do not want illegal immigrants in places they control; they want them elsewhere, where they can attain control, power. Why does the progressive socialist left want to abolish ICE? It’s simple: they do not want their plan upset by deportations. Again, they tug at the heart with the cry of separating families. Well, how many times in America, every day, do parents who commit a crime find themselves separated from their family? So, why is it supposed to be different for illegal immigrants?

The answer goes back to the topic of this missive: the progressive socialist left does not consider America a sovereign nation. Why? Because our rule of law gets in the way of their ideological domination, their only desire.

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