Photo of Allen West saluting, in an article he wrote about a veteran funeral for the Old School Patriot.

An Act of True American Patriotism

In Front Page, Military by Allen West

Folks, I could address many current issues in this missive. Yes, we could discuss Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris assertion that she will, indeed, end private healthcare insurance if she becomes president.

We could continue to discuss the socialist debacle that is Venezuela, and how the socialists in America are disregarding it . . . like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

We could talk about how you will hear little about the Houston narcotics cop’s shooting — especially since we now know the drug dealers where a white couple. See, that just doesn’t fit the leftist narrative. Now, if the couple had been black, oh boy, Katie bar the door!

Y’all remember the movie “300?” It was the story of the Spartan battle against the invading Persians at Thermopylae. That was one of our favorite movies to watch when I was stationed over in Afghanistan. I recall that famous line at the beginning, when the Persian emissary came to Sparta to solicit their surrender, as Gerard Butler — King Leonidas — kicked the Persian into a deep well: “This is Sparta!”

Well, I wanna share a story with y’all, a true feel-good story that reaffirms that “This is America.”

As reported by ABC 13, here in Texas:

“Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Killeen, Texas, asked strangers to attend a military veteran’s funeral, and the community did not disappoint. 

In a Facebook post on Jan. 24, Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery announced the burial of Air Force veteran, Joseph Walker. The cemetery invited the public to attend, including that Walker was unaccompanied, with the patriotic message, “We do NOT leave Veterans behind.” 

When the post gained traction, many shared it, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz. He tweeted, “Air Force Veteran Joseph Walker will be laid to rest Monday, and no one is expected to attend. The cemetery said they do not know where his family is and they do not want him to be laid to rest alone, so they are asking the public to attend.”

At the burial on Monday morning, an estimated 2,000 strangers showed up to pay their respects. On Facebook, Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery live streamed the service, including that they were overwhelmed by all the love and support. Their live stream currently has over 41,200 views on Facebook.”

My last duty assignment in the US Army was Ft. Hood, Texas, which is there adjacent to Killeen, Texas. Our daughters attended Catholic school there, and my wife Angela worked for First Command Financial Planning in Killeen. We loved our time at Ft. Hood/Killeen, and the Army post there is referred to as “the Great Place.” There is a reason for that moniker, and that is because Central Texas, the gateway into Texas hill country, is all about American values.

No, I do not think these are the same values of New York City, run by Bill de Blasio, a place that elected an avowed socialist. No, I do not think that these are the values of a San Francisco where illegal immigrants are given sanctuary, and a murderer of a young American woman, Kate Steinle, is set free . . . not to mention that is Nancy Pelosi’s constituency. No, I do not believe that a Senator Kamala Harris or Diane Feinstein would have tweeted out the announcement, request, for people, strangers, to come out and pay honor to an America veteran.

See, this is America, that which some refer to as “flyover country.” Where people show up to honor a veteran they do not know. Where people post the flag outside their homes. Where kids recite the Pledge of Allegiance, with pride  . . . along with and the Texas Pledge. Y’all didn’t know Texas has its own Pledge of Allegiance?

“Honor the Texas Flag, I pledge Allegiance to thee, Texas, one State under God, one and indivisible”

Trust me, I was proud the first time I recited that pledge with no stumbles! Yep, Texas, this piece of down-home America, and has the only flag that is permitted to fly at the same height as the American Flag, since Texas was its own Republic first.

Too often we forget the fundamentals of America. Heck, there are some who wish to fundamentally transform America.why? I pray that there never comes a day when in America, a veteran, who has no known family, will be laid to rest alone. I pray that there never comes a day when we do not drape the American flag over the coffin of our fallen, a true distinction, and honor, that was afforded to my dad, mom, and father-in-law for their impeccable and distinguished service, sacrifice, and commitment to our America.

When I read this story and watched the live stream of the service, yep, tears welled up. I pray that there never comes a day when we do not shed a tear for stories such as this.

I actually must correct an aforementioned statement. There were no strangers who showed up for the funeral service of United States Air Force Veteran Joseph Walker. Nope, we all knew him, because we are all Americans. Many knew him because they had taken the very same oath that Joe took, “To Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States of American against all enemies, foreign, and domestic, and bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” Yes, we are Joe Walker’s brothers and sisters who took that oath “with no mental reservation or purpose of evasion.” And, we all ended that oath with those immortal words: “So Help Me God.”

Yes, this is America!

I pray that there will never be a day when we cannot pray to our Judeo-Christian God. The same God, unto Whom, we, Americans, committed the spirit and soul of our fallen American brother, Airman Joseph Walker. A man who is now living the former motto of the United States Air Force: “Aim High.” I pray that Joseph knew our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and is up there flying with the angels now.

Steadfast and Loyal, my Brother. See ya one day, I pray.