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An Apology is Needed

In Economics, Front Page, Healthcare by Allen West

Let me begin by stating there is no need to wish a virus upon the people who are using their common sense and factual evidence to argue for the end of this lockdown. I live in Garland, Texas, which is part of Dallas County. In Dallas proper, a woman was playing her harp in her front yard for her neighbors who were in their front yards. She was given a citation. Wanna go out and run in the morning, evening, whenever along the historic Katy trail? Nope. Based upon your last name, you are assigned a day to run. There was even a man forced to sign a paper in a hospital here stating that he was positive for COVID-19 when he had tested negative, twice.

So, if you are one who wishes to continue to participate in the panic, paranoia, and hysteria, that is your freewill choice to do so. Stay at home. However, America is not some collective, like the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation. We are individuals who have an inalienable right to think for ourselves, and not be part of some hive mentality.

With that being said, no one is dismissing the deaths of 55,000 Americans, nor do we dismiss any death. But, we do not commit economic seppuku on a whim. That is exactly what has happened. But, don’t just take my word for it, read this piece from MarketWatch.

As reported in MarketWatch, written by George Gilder:

“With the latest reports of plummeting death rates from all causes, this crisis is over. The pandemic of doom erupted as a panic of pols and is now a comedy of Mash-minded med admins and stooges, covering their ifs, ands, and buts with ever more morbid and distorted statistics.

The crisis now will hit the politicians and political Doctor Faucis who gullibly accepted and trumpeted what statistician William Briggs calls “the most colossal and costly blown forecast of all time.” An egregious statistical horror story of millions of projected deaths, suffused with incense and lugubrious accents from Imperial College of London to Harvard School of Public Health, prompted the pols to impose a vandalistic lockdown on the economy. It would have been an outrage even if the assumptions were not wildly astronomically wrong.

Flattening the curve was always a fool’s errand that widened the damage.

President Trump had better take notice. He will soon own this gigantic botch of policy and leadership. No one will notice that his opponents urged even more panicky blunders.

The latest figures on overall death rates from all causes show no increase at all. Deaths are lower than in 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2015, slightly higher than in 2016. Any upward bias is imparted by population growth. Now writing a book on the crisis with bestselling author Jay Richards, Briggs concludes: “Since pneumonia deaths are up, yet all deaths are down, it must mean people are being recorded as dying from other things at smaller rates than usual.” Deaths from other causes are simply being ascribed to the coronavirus.

As usual every year, deaths began trending downward in January. It’s an annual pattern. Look it up. Since the lockdown began in mid-March, the politicians cannot claim that their policies had anything to do with the declining death rate. A global study published in Israel by Professor Isaac Ben-Israel, chairman of the Israeli Space Agency and Council on Research and Development, shows that “the spread of the coronavirus declines to almost zero after 70 days—no matter where it strikes, and no matter what measures governments impose to try to thwart it.”

In fact, by impeding herd immunity, particularly among students and other non-susceptible young people, the lockdown in the U.S. has prolonged and exacerbated the medical problem. As Briggs concludes, “People need to get out into virus-killing sunshine and germicidal air.”

Yes, COVID-19 is real, and so is the fact that it has a 95-97 percent recovery rate, and a fatality rate of less than 1 percent. What is even more real is that 26 million Americans are unemployed, suicides are rising, small businesses may never recover, and Americans are in food lines, all on a guess, a hunch, a really bad “I think.”

Thus, a logical inquiry: who will apologize to the American people?

We have long since passed the point of reason & common sense. We are now in a state of illegal martial law. We have ceded over power to elected officials, utterly dangerous, the power to decide, who, or what, is essential. Click To Tweet

We have long since passed the point of reason, common sense, and sensibility. We are now in a state of illegal martial law. We have ceded over power to elected officials, something proven to be utterly dangerous, the power to decide, who, or what, is essential.

Yes, as the MarketWatch article points out, there comes a moment when President Trump cannot shift accountability, responsibility, blame to anyone else, he will be left standing in the game of musical chairs. Not Fauci, not Birx, no one else, but President Trump. Yes, President Trump was right in sealing off China and Europe until we got a clear understanding of this virus and its effects. Once we could analyze empirical data on its effects, then we should have taken appropriate actions, not trust in overblown models and forecasts. Any leader in the military will agree that you trust the troop on the ground, in contact with the enemy. Not the staff weenies who are sitting far back and away reading reports. Real leaders — military or corporate — know, if you want to know what is working or not, ask the person on the frontlines.

This COVID-19 issue may go down as the greatest self-inflicted wound in the history of the United States of America. It will be studied and analyzed for years to come, as the residual consequences may be felt for as long. However, if there is one thing that must happen, we cannot continue to sit in the ambush zone and get slaughtered. Do something, and I believe it starts with an apology to the American people.

Then, we cowboy and cowgirl up!

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