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Another Flow Coming from Mexico to the United States

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Ya know, those pesky progressive socialists are always talking about being environmentally conscious. They are consistently claiming some absurd moral high ground and incessantly assert that constitutional conservatives do not care about the environment.

The congressional district that I was honored to represent encompassed miles of pristine, beautiful beaches along the SE Florida coastline. There was also, if I am correct, the third-largest, longest, reef system in the world. And, Ft Lauderdale is known as the “wreck diving capital of the world.” Trust me, as a Master scuba diver, I know. We used to have beach reef diving cleanups. Not many of those leftists would come out. I participated in many beach cleanups, and always ensured we protected the sea turtles during nesting season.

Well, out in California, they have taken it to a new level, banning plastic straws. Just recently, California voted to ban those small plastic containers of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion in hotel rooms. We know that California is also a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. But ya know what’s funny? Little was mentioned about one young millennial conservative named Scott Presler, who went to California into a homeless area, and picked up trash, and I mean tons of trash.

It appears, upon the following report, that Mexico is contributing to a different kinda flow into the United States, namely California. This is truly “stuck on stupid.”

We know CA is a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. Little was mentioned about millennial conservative @ScottPresler, who went to a California homeless area and picked up tons of trash. Click To Tweet

As reported by out of San Diego:

“Border water officials said Tuesday nearly 14.5 million gallons of sewage flowed into the U.S. from Tijuana after a body became trapped in a sewage system.

The International Boundary Water Commission (USIBWC) said transboundary flows between about 9 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 12, and 8 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 14, brought 14,497,873 gallons of treated and untreated wastewater from Tijuana into the Tijuana River Valley.

Mexico’s International Boundary Water Commission (CILA) informed their U.S. counterparts Sunday that a cleanup crew at a pump station discovered a body trapped inside one of the sewage intake screens, causing a backup and sewage to overflow.

“Police got involved and cordoned off the area preventing any activity in the crime area while the investigation continued. A body was trapped inside the intake screens. This caused trash to build up and plug the structure and overflow into the U.S.,” the USIBWC’s Dawi Dakhil said in an email.

Last month, San Diego officials introduced a $404-million plan to the White House to address the flow of sewage from Mexico into the U.S. The centerpiece was a treatment facility that could process 163 million gallons of runoff per day, with the aim of reducing border sewage flow days from 138 to 12.”

I do not recall any major news stories about this. Perhaps I am wrong, then again, you do not hear much from the liberal socialist media other than “impeachment” these days. Just as when the EPA created an environmental crisis when in 2015 it caused the release of toxic wastewater from the Gold King Mine near Silverton Colorado, which flowed into the Animas River. Hmm, seems to me that adds up to two major environmental disasters during the Obama administration. Ya know, that “scandal-free” presidential administration. The other was the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, where ol’ Barack was paralyzed with inaction.

If there is one thing I do not like, it is duplicitous hypocrisy. If anything like these two environmental disasters Obama faced had happened on the watch of the Trump administration there would be abject, apoplectic meltdowns . . . as we see from the left every day, almost every hour.

Remember how I mentioned conservative millennial Scott Presler above? He’s been talking about the flow of filth into California for a while now. In fact, he visited the border. Where were the leftist talking heads?

And now we have a major issue in California, among many others, of wastewater seeping into the ocean and across our border . . . Crickets from the leftist media. Oh boy, think about how the left sought to blame the Flint, Michigan water crisis on the Republican governor of Michigan. So, why aren’t we hearing about this happening on ol’ Gavin Newsom’s watch?

Maybe the consistently “stuck on stupid” Governor Newsom should spend more time focusing on his own infrastructure issues instead of plastic hotel shampoo containers. Or maybe Nancy Pelosi’s nephew — talk about nepotism — should cease providing all those free taxpayer-funded bennies to illegal immigrants, and stem the flow of sewage from Mexico into California. Talk about a failed state. Think about the pestilence in California from its homeless situation to the fact they have rolling blackouts, and now they have sewage flowing into their water systems from Mexico. As I have said, “Don’t Californicate my Texas.”

Funny, in my lifetime, and yours, we have seen the beautiful State of California go from having a Ronald Reagan as a governor to this Gavin Nuisance fella. Do not forget, that California has the highest state income tax in the country, 13 percent. California also has the highest poverty rate in the country at 20 percent. That’s one in five Californians. Wonder what it would be if we counted the illegal immigrants?

Back in June of this year, there was an article in The Economist called “Texafornia.” The premise was that the way forward for America comes down to either Texas or California.

Only someone that is a special kind of stupid would want our America to resemble California.

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