Students protest gun violence.

The Anti-Gun Virus of the Progressive Socialist Left

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I know that everyone is focused on the coronavirus, especially if you have been paying attention to our financial markets. If anything, this episode has taught Americans to have a better diversification of our supply chains and markets. It also confirms why these United States of America should be doing more to produce and manufacture our own goods and services. Eventually, the very astute scientists and medical professionals will find a vaccine or a cure for this virus, just as we survived SARS, H1N1.

However, there is a more dangerous virus facing America. It is a virus that is responsible for millions of deaths over the years. It is a virus that continues to spread, and we are seeing more and more cases of its infection in our Constitutional Republic.

That virus is the gun-control disease of the progressive socialist left. We can go back through history and see where this virus has taken hold and resulted in the deaths of millions. Most recently, it was just 10 years ago that this virus hit the nation of Venezuela. It was socialist dictator Hugo Chavez who banned private gun ownership to curtail gun violence. The results? The gun violence of the colectivos, Nicolas Maduro’s armed gangs, has increased as innocent, unarmed civilians, people are gunned down. Bernie Sanders has offered praise upon these maniacal dictators, such as Fidel Castro, who imprisoned, and murdered, many of his opposition. Then again, he did teach kids how to read. After their parents had been murdered.

This gun control virus has reared its ugly head here in Virginia, forcing those who wish not to be infected, taking to the streets in protest. It is amazing to me that here, in America, we have the cure for this virus, it is called the Second Amendment, a constitutional right. But, for some very strange reason, this cure does not seem to work on the carriers of this virus, the delusional, deranged zombies who wish to have unrestrained power over law-abiding citizens.

Now we have another example of this virus. As reported by US News & World Report:

“New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a red-flag gun bill Tuesday that will allow state district courts to order the temporary surrender of firearms, and she urged sheriffs to resign if they still refuse to enforce it. Flanked by advocates for stricter gun control and supportive law enforcement officials at a signing ceremony, Lujan Grisham said the legislation provides law enforcement authorities with an urgently needed tool to deter deadly violence by temporarily removing firearms from people who pose a threat to themselves or others.

Some sheriffs from mostly rural areas opposed the bill in committee hearings as a violation of constitutional guarantees to due process, free speech and the right to bear arms. Public rallies were held for and against the legislation.

Lujan Grisham said sheriffs should have the opportunity to oppose any proposed policy change, but “they cannot not enforce.”
“If they really intend to do that, they should resign as a law enforcement officer and leader in that community,” she said.
New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association President Tony Mace of Cibola County said the new law goes too far by potentially impounding guns before any crime is committed and that he and other sheriffs will assert their discretion over its enforcement.
“We don’t work for the governor, we don’t work for the Legislature,” he said. “We work for the people that elected us into office.”

Highlighting discontent in rural communities, elected commissioners declared Roosevelt County a “sanctuary” for Second Amendment guarantees on Tuesday, recognizing the right of the local sheriff “not to enforce any unconstitutional firearms law against any citizens.” The county of roughly 20,000 residents adjacent to Texas is the latest of at least a dozen New Mexico counties to embrace the sanctuary label.”

The hypocrisy!

When you had leftist sheriffs saying that they supported declarations of illegal immigrant sanctuary cities, counties, and states, the left cheered them on. Here in Texas, I recall two county sheriffs, Dallas and Travis, who stood by sanctuary declarations. The left did not complain about that, though it was a clear violation of our Republic’s sovereignty. Now, when sheriffs declare that they will not infringe upon the constitutional rights of citizens they are threatened by leftist elected officials.

I think Gov. Lujan Grisham saw what happened in Virginia, where 91 of 95 counties declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuary, and the sheriffs refused to support Gov Ralph “Blackface” Northam’s tyranny. Yes, these people are infected with a dangerous virus that comes from the disease called progressive socialism.

Factoid: one of the most dangerous cities in America is Albuquerque New Mexico, where gangs, drugs, and other violent crime runs rampant. This is not being conducted by law-abiding, legal gun owners in New Mexico, but the virus that afflicts Lujan Grisham forces her to assail and undermine the rights of the lawful to enable the lawless. It is the virus of socialist dictators driving them to disarm the citizen, forcing them to be their subjects.

New Mexico is Texas’ neighbor. I have been to Muleshoe, Texas, which is a stone’s throw from New Mexico. I have been to New Mexico several times, to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, the only reason New Mexico has a leftist governor is because of those two cities. We here in Texas must ensure that, just as with the coronavirus, we guard ourselves against this very dangerous virus.

This weekend, I will be attending, and speaking, at the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA) annual meeting in Waco, as I am a Life Member-Benefactor. Just as scientists and medical professionals are gathering to find a cure for the coronavirus, we are gathering to end the anti-gun virus of the progressive socialist left.

It was 184 years ago that a bunch of fellas got together in Texas and stopped the gun control virus in Texas. They asserted, “Come and Take It.” We will keep Texas gun control virus-free!

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