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Armed Citizens vs. Unarmed Subjects

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I find it really interesting — telling, actually — that the progressive, socialist left wants open borders, advocates for sanctuary for illegal aliens, wants to #AbolishICE, and seeks to undermine our Second Amendment right. There can be no doubt typical socialist history is playing out here in America. It always begins with disarming the population, rendering them subject to the whims of tyranny . . . not citizens able to defend themselves.

I think it is time we challenge the leftist media to tell the truth about those who use firearms, legally, as law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. I am deeply saddened by the recent death of young Mollie Tibbetts. Equally disturbing are the leftist responses, such as that of Senator Elizabeth Warren who dismissed the loss, as she pivoted to the “real issue,” illegal immigrant families being separated. I suppose the Tibbetts family does not count when it comes to the left’s ideological agenda and their permanent separation from their daughter.

As a board member of the National Rifle Association, I must ask: what if Mollie had been running with a firearm? Oops, I forgot, Mollie was 20 years of age, and for some insidious reason, the left believes that young women under the age of 21 should not be allowed to carry firearms to protect themselves. Now, of course, if Mollie had a firearm, and had shot her assailant dead, you can bet that the progressive socialist left would have been screaming about a “privileged” white girl who gunned down a harmless immigrant.

So, each month the NRA magazine, America’s First Freedom publishes several stories in the column titled, “The Armed Citizen.” I would like to share with  you several of these stories — all true — which the leftist media would prefer you didn’t hear about, or read. I also would ask y’all, the Old School Patriots, to provide your own story, as we know the left reads these missives — especially Media Matters for America, and the assigned chucklehead censors from social media tech giants. Let’s flood them with the truth about firearm self-defense, and make them go apoplectic:

– “On Father’s Day. a day when men spend quality time with their families, a pastor was required to defend his loved ones — and others — with a gun. The father acted after a man was wreaking havoc in the area. The armed citizen was in line at a Walmart near Olympia Wash., when he heard gunshots coming from outside. He said he recognized the sound as gunshots because he had gone through active-shooter training and carries concealed. The troublemaker was attempting to carjack a vehicle and had shot the driver twice. That was when the pastor started to close in on the suspect. Once he was in range, he fired. After the gunman fell out of the car, the pastor made sure he was no longer a threat and started administering first aid. “I carry a firearm for the same reason that I carry a first aid bag, hoping to never have to use them, but always being prepared, nonetheless,” the armed citizen said. That Sunday, he used both.” (, Olympia, Wash., 6/20/18)

– “A Tennessee teen who was invited to a friend’s house for a sleepover apparently decided he wanted to sleep with his friend’s mother — and not in a consensual way. When he allegedly entered the mother’s bedroom and tried to force himself on her, she responded by kneeing him in the groin, pulling a gun, aiming at his face and telling him to get out. He listened. The 18-year old faces sexual assault charges.” (Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington Ky., 6/1/18)

– “Two armed men who targeted the home of an 84-year-old in Ohio probably thought the victim would let them do what they wanted and leave. Instead, after one of the interlopers shot the homeowner in his side, the wounded resident grabbed a gun and exchanged gunfire with the culprits. It was unclear if either of the robbers was hit, but having a gun at hand saved the 84-year old and his grandson, who had crawled out a window onto the roof to protect himself.” (WXIX, Silverton, Ohio, 6/11/18)

– “Why would a stranger break into a home and start beating a pre-teen? Perhaps the better question is, what did he expect to happen afterward? A man in South Carolina discovered the answer to the second question the hard way. The boy’s father, hearing a commotion in the middle of the night, entered his son’s bedroom with a gun at the ready. The armed citizen held the intruder at gunpoint until the authorities, alerted to the break-in by a security system, arrived. The intruder appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs — which could well be the answer to the first question.” (, Columbia SC., 5/29/18)

– “In the sleepy town of Bywy, Miss., a teen was faced with a life-or-death situation. The boy was home alone when an uncle, armed with a hatchet, threatened the teen’s life. The 16-year old used a hunting rifle to protect himself, shooting his uncle in the chest killing the man. “My son defended himself,” the teen’s mother said. “It could have been the other way around. It could have been my son [that]…I’m picking up and having to bury, but it wasn’t. The youth is not being charged as the investigation revealed he fired in self-defense. The boy’s mother said this was not the first time the uncle had acted in a menacing manner toward her family — but it was his last.” (, Jackson, Miss., 5/30/18)

– “Criminals who are hellbent on causing trouble typically don’t care if someone gets dragged into the fray, but when a law-abiding citizen has a gun, it can help end a thug’s evil intent. A wound-be thief at a Massachusetts grocery store used a large knife to hold a customer hostage while he robbed the store. A clerk had a personal firearm and shot the perpetrator three times, prompting him to drop the knife and try to flee. The wounded man was later taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.” (WHDH, Worcester, Mass., 5/29/18)

I am sure there are many other stories out there that you may know of. Remember what I often say” “An armed individual is a citizen, an unarmed one is a subject.” Our history was set in motion by men who refused to be subjects on April 19, 1775 at Lexington Green, Massachusetts.

Molon Labe!