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Q&A: Ask Allen — Part 1

In Front Page by Allen West

Greetings from Roma, Italy and the Le Meridien Visconti. Angela and I arrived early Thursday morning and, of course, she wanted to walk all over Italia.

But, before we got going I wanted to respond to two “Ask Allen” inquiries. As promised, I will be doing these daily during this 11-day cruise through the Mediterranean Sea.

So, here we go:

Our first question comes from Chris O. in Pembroke Pines, a place I know very well.  Chris asks:

We need to protect our Constitutional Rights against all enemies foreign and domestic? A free society comes with a price — freedom. Why are we losing our freedoms, rights, jobs, security, and liberty to a small group of radicals? — Chris O., Pembroke Pines, FL

Chris, you hit the nail on the head in that a free society comes with the real price: individual responsibility. Sadly, what is happening in our Constitutional Republic is that the progressive socialist left is making Americans — well, certain ones — believe that they have no individual responsibility. The message of “free” is very enticing, but it does not connotate “freedom.

There is no doubt that we are facing an ideological conflagration between constitutional conservatism and progressive socialism here in America. It is all about whether we still believe in individual rights, freedoms, and liberties . . . or collective subjugation under the tyranny of government.

This small group of radicals have a big microphone and are able to mobilize in the streets because, well, most of us are busy working. The only time we saw a conservative grassroots movement was the Tea Party and Obama unleashed the dark specter of government, namely the IRS, to crush it.

We must begin in our homes, schools, and communities to restore this Republic, and that means education, not indoctrination, as the left has overtaken our schools.

Lastly, it all comes down to these two points: equality of opportunity or equality of outcomes. America is about the former, socialism is about the latter. The challenge for the American free society is that we stop falling for the message of victimization and rise to be victors in our own determination.

Our second question comes from Molly S., down in Houston Texas where the progressive socialist presidential debate was held:

I’ve been HC precinct chair since 2007 and have tried/ failed at getting the local party to cultivate and support conservative candidates. They continue to back mediocrity. They even sabotage and push new recruits away with stale old ideas. Can you help? — Molly S., Houston, TX

Molly, this is one of the primary reasons why I am running for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. We need to build a solid farm team of strong conservatives for the Lone Star State. It is the same as in baseball, we must focus on all levels of elected office — city, county, state, and national. I believe we must do a better job with city council and school board races. That is our single A level.

We should never be concerned about retirements from elected office if we have a strong and deep bench. No more belief in the cronyism of “it’s their turn.” Instead, we need the best, brightest, and freshest talent.

I am with you in understanding how we push away new talent for the GOP. We can no longer just look for, excuse my expression, “the old white guys with money.” We have to cultivate talent, and that is my focus. I want to empower the closest level to begin doing exactly that, precinct chairs and count chairs, to seek out new talent, and the RPT trains and equips them to step onto the ideological battlefield.

Thanks for your question Molly, and I look forward to seeing you at the State GOP convention next May in Houston . . . if not sooner.

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