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Ask Allen: Gun Laws; Concerns About Our Youth

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As I travel on this annual cruise with the Media Research Center, I am taking a number of your questions to answer. Here is our first question for today:

With the Dems so hot on gun confiscation, why can’t existing laws be modified to allow police to confiscate them from known criminals, gang members, dealers, etc? Aren’t these the same people doing almost all shooting? — Rusty M., Medford, WI

Greetings, Rusty, and thanks for your question!

We already have gun laws on the books to do just that, charge criminals with unlawful possession of a firearm. That is a felony offense. There was once a program in Richmond, Virginia that was implemented by an astute DA that did just that.

Today, we have few DAs, especially in these Democrat-controlled urban centers, who are prosecuting criminals on this charge. Case in point, recently an appeals court in California dropped the charges of unlawful possession of a firearm in the case of the five-time deported criminal illegal immigrant who shot young Kate Steinle.

Yet, weirdos like Bob O’Rourke tell us that it is the legal, law-abiding, gun owner who needs to have their weapons confiscated. Earlier this year, there were House Democrats (socialists) who voted against a GOP motion to recommit (MTR) that would report illegal immigrants seeking to purchase a firearm. Enough conservative Democrats supported the measure and it passed, much to the chagrin of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who issued a threat against Democrats who voted with Republicans. This should tell you all you need to about the progressive socialist left.

In Chicago, where mass shootings occur every weekend, the mayor blamed Republicans for the gun violence there. But, if in Chicago they would prosecute criminals for unlawful possession of a firearm, it would make a huge difference. So, as in most cases, we do not need any new gun laws, we just need people to enforce the laws on the books.

I have grown tired of the laziness of elected officials who seek to “just do something” and lack the intellectual rigor to study each of these mass shootings and find the common factors, and develop solutions from that. If there is one thing that is most common, it is broken homes and a failure to have the National Instant Background Checks System (NICS) properly updated. As well, there is no tracking of violent behaviors of teenagers.

I hope this response can get to Bob Frank O’Rourke, as I have several AR-15s at home and other semi-automatic rifles. They cannot load ammo, chamber rounds, and fire themselves . . . It is only based upon the interactions with an individual and their intent. Furthermore, when Bobby talks about confiscating weapons that are used on battlefields, does he mean semi-automatic handguns, like the Sig Sauer p320, which is now the US Army M17?

God’s blessings Rusty, and be well.

Our next question today comes from my home state of Texas:

What are your plans to change young people’s vision of the Texas Republican Party, to make it appealing to a wider age range of voters? — Vicki N., Austin, TX

Howdy, Vicki! I pray you are doing well in the People’s Republic of Austin.

Yes, this is a critical aspect of my strategic plan regarding the Republican Party of Texas. First, it is imperative that we connect with the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in Texas and inform them of the history of the RPT, founded by 150 Blacks on July 4, 1867. It is imperative that we eradicate the misconceptions and misperceptions.

As well, I plan to speak on all of our major college and university campuses in Texas. We are already working on scheduling for the spring. Yes, that includes the University of Texas, Austin.

We can no longer cede over territory to the left, and, we must challenge them on our campuses, and in our high schools. I am a speaker for the Young America’s Foundation and an Honorary Advisory Board member of Turning Point USA.

I have already spoken on several college campuses, and there are some interesting videos of me responding to the insidious assertions of young leftists, such as this one, this one or even this.

As well, when we go onto these campuses, we empower our young conservative men and women who are constantly being assailed by leftist students, professors, and administrations . . . such as the threats young incoming conservative freshmen students at the University of Texas received from the Autonomous Student Network.

Ask yourself, why has the Texas Attorney General not opened an investigation into this group that publicly threatens students because of their political beliefs? If there is one message we need to proliferate, it is the question to young people, why would they want to hang out and support a bunch of control freaks?

As well, we must break down this “millennial participation trophy” mentality. Bottom line, Vicki, we must go on offense, and stop allowing the progressive socialist left to define conservatism, and force their delusional message into the minds of our young people.

We must be as passionate as the left, determined, resolute. Leftists in America are as wrong as wrong can be, yet they fight tenaciously. We have all the right principles, values, and ideological perspective, yet we cower away . . . no more!”

Thanks for the great question, Vicki! Steadfast and Loyal!

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