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Ask Allen: Leftist Hypocrisy; Protecting Senior Citizens

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We are in the historical city of Ephesus today, continuing our tour with the Media Research Center. I am carving out some time to address your “Ask Allen” questions. Keep them coming, folks!

I know everyone is a hypocrite in some way, but I have seen it blatantly in Leftists. How do they not see it when it’s glaringly obvious? For example, I see cars with bumper stickers that say “Coexist” and then next to it is “Resist.” — Pamela D., Lansdowne, PA

Greetings, Pamela!

When it comes to hypocrisy, the progressive socialist left has the market cornered. Remember, they are the ones who preach “tolerance” but that is only when tolerating your acquiescence to their ideological agenda.

One of my favorites is when they desire “bipartisanship” until they are in power and the word is never mentioned. Case in point, it was Hillary Clinton who said that there would be “civility” when they are in control. Well, that ain’t exactly what I call civility, it is more akin to tyranny. And, that is what the progressive socialist left desires, Pamela: complete and utter ideological domination. They do not wish for any coexistence with any philosophy of governance that opposes their own.

As well, freedom of speech — to them — means accepted speech. Otherwise, you do not have any freedom to speak or express yourself. Your freedom of religion, faith, means nothing when it is contrary to their dogma. That is why Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker, had to go before the Supreme Court for declining to bake a cake for a same-sex marriage ceremony.

Right now, the greatest hypocrisy is that we have leftists running to be the President of a country that they do not even like, or believe should exist. Anyone advocating for open borders and decriminalization of crossing our borders illegally is not exactly what I would call “presidential” material. However, the hypocrisy of the left is that they want to rule over a nation that they hate, despise, and want to fundamentally transform. To me, and I believe for you, as well, that is the ultimate hypocrisy.

Our next question comes from my home state of Texas:

Thank you for your service and I wish you the best in the campaign. In the wake of the Silver Tsunami with so many retiring daily, what will you do to protect elders from falling victim to unscrupulous guardians like FL-Rebecca Fierle. — Melody G., Pipe Creek, TX

Melody, thanks for your question on healthcare guardians taking advantage of their elderly clients.

As to what I can do about this situation as Chair of the Republican Party of Texas, first, bring attention to it. If there is one thing that concerns me, it is the “Medicare for all” proposal from the progressive socialist left. Medicare, as well as Medicaid, are both wrought with fraud and abuse cases such as this one from Orlando involving Rebecca Fierle. There are already laws on the books to deal with these types of predatory individuals. However, what we need are better, and routine, reconciliation processes providing checks on the billing process in these government-sponsored medical programs. It is hard to legislate abhorrent behavior, but we can certainly ensure we identify and punish people like Ms. Fierle.

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