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My Assessment of the 2018 Midterm Elections

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As I write this, it is 12:36 am here in Dallas, Texas, just having arrived after doing election night coverage for local CBS-11 Dallas-Ft. Worth.

As I asserted yesterday, the US House of Representatives went to the Democrats. They needed 23 seats to gain the majority, and it is believed they will attain 35 seats. The GOP retained the US Senate, and gained seats. However, at the time of this writing, the results are not in for Montana, Arizona, and Nevada.

What was impressive was that this was the highest ever voter turnout for a midterm election. Some states had a higher turnout than in the 2016 presidential election. What drove this record voter turnout?

It’s simple, really: the emotion of angst against the sitting President, Donald Trump drove this. It was not so much about the policies that have resulted in record-setting economic growth. It was about a desire to stop, and check the President.

However, there was something else that we witnessed, here in Texas, that is cause for concern.

Here in my home of Dallas County, there was a serious statement made by the Democrat Party. There were losses in State House, State Senate, and a US House race. There were some surprises in other State level races in surrounding counties. What is happening in Texas is an amazing demographic shift, leading toward an ideological shift. There is also a clear gap in the popularity of certain political figures.

I wrote the book, Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death, to articulate the ideological shift that is happening in the Lone Star State, which does defy common sense. If people are relocating to Texas for better economic opportunities, due to the policies that enable such success, why are people voting contrary to that success?

Much of this phenomenon is centered around the major population centers, which is where we have witnessed such a large migration from failing, mostly blue, states. There is no doubt that what we saw in Texas was a sensation led by El Paso Congressman Robert Francis O’Rourke. This amazing movement drove out large numbers of Democrats, and the effect was especially felt in Dallas County, where even a successful Dallas County District Attorney was defeated by 20% points. There is no doubt that North Texas has seen a large influx of new people to the area, as well as other major urban centers. This is slowly leading to an ideological shift, just the same as in Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.

What is also important for folks in Texas to recognize is that Governor Greg Abbott won his race with some 56%. Senator Ted Cruz only had 51% at the time of this writing. That means there were those who voted for Gov. Abbott but did not do the same for Senator Cruz. That evidences a difference in popularity, appeal, and personality.

The GOP, not just here in Texas, but across the nation, must learn to stop losing the image phase of political campaigns. Consistently, the GOP is being outmaneuvered by younger, more charismatic candidates . . . certainly the point with my newly elected congressional representative, Democrat Collin Allred.

When you have a winning message that advances economic growth and individual economic empowerment, you just need to deliver it effectively, and confidently. This is where the GOP finds itself lacking, and it should not be the case. Rep. O’Rourke simply out hustled Sen. Cruz and ran on image, appeal, and charisma. We have seen that before, and the name was Barack Obama.

Nationally, okay, Nancy Pelosi will be the Speaker of the House. Yes, all those Democrats who said that they would not support her for that position, well, they were just lying.

Now, here is what is going to happen. The Democrats did not have a “blue wave,” but they do now have a majority in the House of Representatives. The base of the Democrat Party, and the folks who provided all those millions of dollars, like $78M to O’Rourke here in Texas, want a return on their investment. So, expect a proliferation of subpoenas, hearings, and obstruction against President Trump. They are not saying anything about impeachment, but they will, because the progressive socialist left base wants Donald Trump gone. Sadly, since the left does not study civics, they do not realize that they can’t make Donald Trump go away. And, they will become further frustrated when Trump is not gone. Furthermore, there will not be any bipartisan legislation because the leftist base does not want any victories for Trump.

What this means is that you should buckle up, folks, it is gonna be a bumpy ride for two years. The left believes they have a mandate, meaning they will try and push through Medicare for all. Yes, they are going to make the same mistake, and go after government-run health care. Just watch and see what the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives budget will look like . . . massive spending. The good thing is that there is an opportunity to get new leadership in the House GOP.

I believe that the best thing to aid President Trump’s reelection is a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. As well, President Trump can continue to appoint judges, a very important aspect of expanding the GOP majority in the Senate.

The lesson learned is that there is indeed an ideological shift in Texas. The GOP here got caught napping, and almost had a catastrophic electoral loss. It is vital that, in Texas, and in all Red States, that the constitutional conservative message get back into the urban population centers. The question has to be asked, “why did you come here,” and thoroughly get new arrivals to Texas to understand why they left California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, or any of the other failed blue states.

It is time the GOP stopped giving ground to the progressive socialist left. It’s time to recruit and run young stellar charismatic constitutional conservatives.

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