A photo of Army troops in an article by Allen West for the Old School Patriot.

Backlash Against Student Vets

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I have many friends who are gay and lesbian, and some served in the US Army with me. They have deep respect and love of country and just want to be free to live their lives. However, there is a very radical LGBTQ movement that is causing much disarray and division within our American society, and we have another example of its toxicity.

As reported by Campus Reform:

“The Pride Center at Oregon State University called for Veteran Student Association (VSA) members to be barred from moving into an on-campus student lounge, stating that it is concerned about the veteran students’ “patriotism” and the “wellbeing” of students.

In a since-deleted open letter to the OSU community posted on Facebook on March 15, the pride center and the LGBTQ+ Multicultural Support Network said that they oppose moving the VSA into the Student Experience Center Involvement Lounge on campus. The involvement lounge is a space for students to find out how to get involved on campus, according to its webpage

The Pride Center, which is an entity of the Department of Diversity and Cultural Engagement, stated that their members would be “vulnerable” to the consequences of deciding to let the vet group occupy that space.

“The communities that our organizations serve are vulnerable to the ideological and practical consequences that this decision would bring about,” the Pride Center and LGBTQ group stated. Specifically, the groups cite President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender individuals from serving in the military as part of their reasoning for this move.” 

“This push to curb the rights of transgender people to participate as fully as they desire in US society has caused much distress throughout the LGBTQ+ community,” the groups said. “We are disheartened to think that our community, which has historically fought to be recognized fully as human beings, [is] being forced to continue this fight.” However, Trump’s policies weren’t the only reason for the organizations’ statement.

The Pride Center and LGBTQ+ group also explain that they are concerned with the “particular type of American patriotism that would be promoted by centralizing the Veteran Students Association in the [Student Experience Center].”

“We aim to resist the pain that US militarism has caused our siblings in struggle, and we denounce the glorification of the system that is responsible for this violence,” the center stated.”

You can view the now deleted letter here.

First of all, gender dysphoria is a designated mental condition as determined by the American Psychiatric Association, not the Trump administration or the US military.

Additionally, there are very specific conditions that are described in reference to the stated policy from the Trump administration. It does allow some to continue to serve.

Lastly, let me clarify: the US military is probably the most discriminatory organization in the country because our profit margin is in lives. It is not a right to serve in our military. It is a sacred privilege to serve this nation in uniform, and not everyone is able, or should be able, to do so. That is why there are stringent standards and why our military is not about “participation trophies,” although the progressive socialist left would like for it to be.

What is most disconcerting about this story is the abject intolerance of these special little snowflakes who do not grasp that their liberties and freedoms are safeguarded by these very same people they seek to ban. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, America? What is happening on our college campuses and universities? These chuckleheads are talking about resisting the pain that US militarism has caused and denouncing a glorification of violence? This is no different from the jerks at Google who refuses to aid in support technology for our military but do so for China.

When are we gonna stop allowing these mindless little socialist lemmings from throwing these tantrums? Our US military has a history of De Oppresso Liber, liberating the oppressed. Perhaps a course in US history would serve these students well?

I am appalled at this story, and the president at Oregon State University needs to get these young people straightened out and let them know that he supports our veterans. After all, there is no America, no Oregon State University, without the men and women who have served in uniform!