Photo of a past Army-Navy game in an article about the game by LTC Allen West on the Old School Patriot.

Believe in Something, Sacrificing Everything

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Greetings, everyone!

Not too long ago, Nike came out with a slogan and presented one Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson for this theme: “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” I think we can all agree that the epitome of that commercial advertisement by Nike will be on TV today. For the 119th time, since November 29, 1890, young men have taken the field of competition to play what is now called “America’s Game,” the Army-Navy football game.

For some three hours, young men, who will in the future be brothers-in-arms defending this great nation, will play for pride. They will play for the distinction of saying that they beat the other team, that they sang last. Here is a game that has given us unforgettable names like Pete Dawkins, and Roger Staubach. It is a game for which college football has reserved this day for these young men to have the stage all to themselves, as they should.

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Today, we will watch a game where every single one of those young men will take an oath. They will affirm that they will “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign, and domestic and that they will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” That is what they commit to each and every one of us, that is what they believe. Yes, even it if means sacrificing everything . . . “the last full measure of devotion.” It is what we in the military refer to as the “ultimate sacrifice,” their lives. Yes, some make get a chance to go on and play professional football, but their commitment to our rule of law, our Constitution, comes first and foremost.

Today, you should sit down with your children and your grandchildren, and watch this game, just three hours. Explain that they are watching the only college football game where every person on the field could lose their life ensuring our freedoms and liberties.

This year, my Army team will be wearing uniforms in tribute to my first combat division, the famed US First Infantry Division, the Big Red One. It was 100 years ago that the 1ID, the nation oldest combat division, participated in, and achieved victory in, World War I . . . the war to end all wars. You can share that story with your children, as well as tell them of the uniforms the Navy is donning. The awesome commercials that play, depicting men and women all over the globe who are deployed, who send their “spirit messages” to cheer on their respective branch of service.

In the end, there will be tears, as this is a very emotional game. In the end, there will be someone who scored more points than another. However, there are no real losers at the end of the Army-Navy game. They are all victors. And, we, the American people, are the real victors because we are still a nation that produces this high-caliber of young men, and women, who serve this nation.

Today’s Army-Navy football game embodies the motto of the US First Infantry Division, “No mission too difficult. No sacrifice too great. Duty first!”

Go Army, Beat Navy!

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