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‘Believe Women’ Unless it’s in a Sanctuary City

In Front Page, Illegal immigration, National Security by Allen West

I have stated it before and shall do so again: the left cares nothing about law-abiding Americans when it comes to their ideological agenda. The street thugs of Antifa shout and proclaim, “No borders, no walls, no USA at all.”

The Democrat (socialist) presidential candidates advocate for open borders and free benefits to illegal immigrants. The left defies our Constitution, rule of law, and establishes sanctuary states and cities, to provide safe harbor for illegal immigrants. The left refuses to cooperate with federal law enforcement agencies such as ICE that are here to protect us from criminal illegal immigrants. Heck, they go so far as to attack ICE facilities. And, as we shared with you last week, the left freed the murderer of young American woman, Kate Steinle, not even finding him guilty of criminal, unlawful possession of a firearm . . . a five-time deported illegal immigrant who found sanctuary in San Francisco.

Yet, somehow, we are supposed to support this idiocy, this insane tyranny?

It was not too long ago that the progressive socialist left came up with one of their most absurd propaganda points, “the war on women.” Well, we have evidence of who it is that supports a war on women, in the most horrific manner.

As reported at Townhall:

“Montgomery County, Maryland is a deep blue bastion. They like not working with immigration enforcement authorities. They’re pretty much a sanctuary county.

So, it really shouldn’t be a shocker that hordes of illegal alien rapists are flocking to the region. There have been seven illegal alien rapists apprehended by police since late July. One of which raped a 16-year-old after he climbed into her room and held her at knife point. Another had been molesting two children over the course of six months. They’re animals. This is why we need Immigration and Customs Enforcement deporting this trash the hell out of our country, and the cases keep stacking up. You can read more, herehere, and here about how the collar counties around Baltimore have become havens for illegal alien sexual predators.

Yet, as with illegal aliens who murder our citizens, the Democrats don’t care. They don’t. They see the overall end game: millions of new Democratic voters thanks to these illegals being granted amnesty and put on a path to citizenship. Dead and raped Americans are worth this deluge of new voters for the Left. It’s about power.”

I constantly hear about how President Trump is losing suburban women voters. Montgomery County Maryland is a suburban area, so am I to believe this is what the women in that county want? They would prefer to live under the dark specter of being targeted by illegal immigrant males in their designated sanctuary city, state, county? And, oh, by the way, Maryland also has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country. So, not only are these Democrats (socialists) increasing the number of predators, they also seek to restrain the ability for our American women to protect themselves from said illegal wolves.

Kate Steinle, Mollie Tibbets, Kayla Cuevas, and Nisa Mickens are just four examples of young American women who have lost their lives at the hands of criminal illegal immigrants and gang members. I am quite sure you can articulate more. What is so shameful is that you could awaken me in the middle of the night and out of a dead sleep and I would be able to name these four women, and explain the tragic means by which their beautiful lives were taken. I would offer that you could go to the Democrat (socialist) presidential debate — to be held in Houston — and ask any attendee about these four names and you will draw a blank stare.

Heck, I bet that if the moderators asked those clowns on the leftist presidential debate stage if they knew these women, and their plight, they probably would not know. I bet those chuckleheads do not even remember the names of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnick — all of whom lied about being sexually assaulted for a devious political aim. We were told then that women deserve to be believed, and countless amounts of young delusional and deranged leftist women descended upon Capitol Hill during those tense days of confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh.

Where is the call from the leftist women to rally against what is happening in Montgomery County Maryland? Where is the “Women’s March” to protest the violence of illegal immigrant men against American women? Hmm, do any of us believe that Madonna will make an appearance and talk about “blowing up” criminal illegal immigrant men who are raping American women? When will this be a topic on The View, or shall the National Organization for Women take up this issue, this cause?

Y’all know the answer, of course, they will not, the progressive socialist left, these Democrats (socialists) do not give a doggone about our wives, daughters, sisters who face this threat. Their only care is their ideological agenda. How can I claim this definitively?

Just read the words from the leftist Montgomery County elected officials from a Fox5DC report,

“Montgomery County Council members say President Trump, the White House, and conservative news outlets are spreading false information about the county and how it deals with ICE and illegal immigrants charged with serious crimes. In an open letter to county residents, the council said: “these individuals and organizations should be ashamed for spreading false information seeking to establish baseless, illogical and xenophobic connection between a person’s failure to obtain legal status and their propensity to commit a sex crime.”

“Study after study after study has shown that there is no correlation between someone’s immigration status and their propensity to commit a crime”, said Tom Hucker, who represents the county’s District 5. “In fact, areas with higher undocumented [illegal] immigrants have typically lower crime.”

The letter also says the county has earned a reputation as a great place to live and to claim the county is a place that harbors dangerous illegal immigrants is untrue. “In addition to the fact we are not a sanctuary county and we do cooperate with ICE we notify them when someone is being released”, said Will Jawndo, an At-Large member of the council. “There have been false rumors stated that all of these individuals charged are roaming the streets–the vast majority–five or six are locked up today and will stay that way until their court dates and the other thing that is inaccurate is that crime is on the rise here- it is not.”

There you have it, the typical leftist obfuscation, denial, and placing of blame elsewhere. This is just like Chicago Mayor Lightfoot blaming gun violence in her city on Republicans. I love it when leftist elected officials just throw out the baseless hyperbole such as “in fact, areas with higher undocumented [illegal] immigrants have typically lower crime.” Excuse me, Commissioned Hucker, entering our country illegally is a crime. However, these progressive socialists who wish to decriminalize that violation of our national sovereignty, do not recognize it as such.

Oh, by the way, here is the truth about Montgomery County, Maryland:

“Over the past six weeks, as many as seven illegal immigrants, have been charged with rape in the county. Five are being detained and two have been released on bond by county judges. Part of the controversy involves County Executive Marc Elrich’s executive order that prohibits all executive-branch departments in the county from assisting federal agents in civil immigration investigations, an order that also blocks ICE agents from no public spaces in government buildings unless they have a court order or criminal warrant. ICE agents are also not permitted inside the secure section of the Montgomery County jail.”

It appears that someone is lying. But here is a truth: when it comes to illegal immigrants versus American women, you can count on the progressive socialist left to side with the illegal immigrants.


After I posted this late yesterday, Townhall posted this, and it only reiterates the earlier points made in this missive. How is that the NRA can be designated a terrorist organization but MS-13 — with the blood of a number of Americans — is not?

See this from Townhall:

“We know this group of individuals was conducting surveillance on him, they were watching him, following him. We know they watched as he left the laundromat and went back across the street to the apartment complex and that is where some of those individuals accosted him,” Baltimore County Police Officer Jennifer Peach told local media. “We know they used knives and multiple people stabbed him multiple times.”

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed that the federal agency has issued six immigration detainers in this case, but did not divulge the suspects’ names related to their requests. 

According to Fox, all suspects currently reside in Maryland.”

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