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The Blue Wave of Stupidity

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Greetings, folks! Got back from Alaska late Saturday evening, after a two-hour delay getting back to Dallas due to rainstorms . . . and we needed the rain! I just have to tell y’all, doggone, Alaska is breathtakingly beautiful. Now, I must admit, previously there was only one thing I was afraid of: snakes. However, after seeing a big brown bear, I can now add something else to that list. Of course, I thought about that opening scene from the movie “The Revenant” with Leonardo diCaprio. Boy howdy, I do not want to go down to a bear. As the saying goes, “that which does not kill you only makes you stronger, except for a bear. Bears will kill you.”

Allen West Old School Patriot Hold Texas Hold the Nation Victory or Death

Now I’m back in the “lower 48,” and I gotta tell ya, they have a t-shirt in Alaska that has a picture of the state, and a picture of the state of Texas as “Alaska’s little brother.” I found it to be rather funny.

While I was on the cruise, I heard that there was a little surprise release. Yes, the release of the title and cover of my second book, “Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death.” You can check out a free chapter preview here. I do hope you will enjoy the book, as it was written for one reason explicitly: to expose “The Blue Wave of Stupidity.” Why do I call it that? Because there is no better definition to explain the onslaught of progressive socialist delusion in America. The book lays out the difference between the principles, and values, of constitutional conservatism, and progressive socialism. There’s no better way to articulate this, than a comparative analysis of Texas and California.

What is so very perplexing to me, and the reason why I call it abject stupidity, is that all the anecdotal data that exists shows the failure of leftist policies. Their’s is an ideological agenda rooted in emotionalism, which leads to despotism. Seeking equality of outcomes, based upon some insidious definition of fairness, is absurd. What’s more disconcerting is that these leftists flee from the states producing this failure, and descend upon successful states, bringing their same stupid policies with them. I refer to this as a “locust effect,” and the land of the locusts is California. Some fly away and bring their pestilence to other fertile lands, which they infest and turn into destitute wastelands.

Yes, that is exactly what is happening, even here in Texas: Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, and Corpus Christi — all major urban centers. What is utterly amazing is that the locusts have arrived to the most fertile, and economically prosperous state in the country. But, they seek to make Texas into that from which they have fled, namely, California. The book does a case study of many businesses, and corporations that have relocated to the Lone Star state. However, the issue is that someone forgot to tell the employees why they departed a failed state and came to Texas.

Sadly, the GOP, as a political party, lacks the will, resolve, and leadership to stand up to, and dress down, the left. To highlight their failures and, yes, their stupidity. See, this is why the left feels it must use intimidation, and, if necessary, violence, to enact their ideological agenda. No one is going to willingly accept stupid ideas, well, let me correct that statement. Only those stuck on stupid will accept stupid ideas that have never worked, anywhere. However, when you mask everything in the deceptive phraseology of being “free” it does indeed garner the attention of the “useful idiots,” a term introduced by a socialist, Vladimir Lenin, who also quipped, “the goal of socialism is communism.”

Texas’ existence is vital to the existence of the United States, and there is a reason why. There is a reason so many businesses are fleeing to Texas. But, without a clear articulation as to why this is occurring, it will not be long before Texas goes the way of Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and other western states that have fallen victims to the locusts of California. What was the model used to topple them, and “flip” those states? It’s simple: a flood of progressive socialist locusts into the heavily populated urban centers rendering the rural areas irrelevant and inconsequential when it comes to statewide elections.

Now, I ask you: who would want to align themselves with a philosophy of governance that is predicated on failure? Who would want to accept principles, and values, that are inconsistent with the fundamentals of this Constitutional Republic? Who would want to raise their hands and volunteer to be on a losing team, led by a fella resembling the nutty professor from “Back to the Future?” As a constitutional conservative, there is nothing that I need to defend, and what we must do is force the other side to defend what they embrace. They cannot. Therefore they resort to coercion, and censorship of opposing views and perspectives, as they reject any and all semblance of logic and reason — because they are stuck on stupid.

Is there a blue wave out there? Yes, there really is . . . but it is a blue wave of stupidity. Truly, ask yourselves, my dear progressive socialist friends: why do you wanna be associated with Marx, Engels, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, Maduro, and every other stupid socialist/communist that has ever existed? Oh yeah, they killed millions of people to attain power — hmm, maybe that is why y’all want to get rid of the Second Amendment?

But, that is exactly why the Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment where it is, to safeguard the Old School Patriots from the real danger of the Blue Wave of stupidity.