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Calling Out One of Our Own

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Good Saturday to y’all!

Yes, we are back on schedule, and that means it is time to recognize a very special person for our end of week distinction, “Stuck on Stupid Saturday.” Now, here is the unique aspect of this week’s winner, it is totally a surprise. You see, there are those who would believe that the only folks capable of winning this dubious honor are progressive socialists. Aha!

This week, in the spirit of bipartisanship, we are recognizing our first Republican winna, winna, chicken dinna of the “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” Award.

Speaking of chicken dinner, this evening I will once again have the honor and pleasure of hosting the 3rd Annual Lake Highlands Republican Women summer cookout at my home. These are some serious, astute, principled, and resolute conservative women. The West Family are pleased to be members of the LHRW and our cookout this year is being catered by the famous Babe’s Chicken Dinners restaurant . . . Good stuff, folks!

Okay, I got a bit off track thinking about food . . . Soldiers love food!

Now, some would say that we should not highlight a Republican in such a manner, but when I read this article, I was incredulous. Let me give a hint as to why. It was just last week that one Hillary Rodham Clinton was here in Texas speaking at the Harris County (Houston) Democrat Party dinner. There, Mrs. Clinton made the proclamation that the Democrats would turn the Texas State House blue. For those of you who were paying attention to Texas last November, the GOP lost many seats to Democrats in the Texas State House. The GOP still maintains a majority, but when you realize the ideological and demographic shifts in major Texas cities, there is a reason for concern. That is why my second book, Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death was written. I said all of this was coming over a year ago.

So, if you know your political opposition’s objective, why would you seek to aid and abet it? Therefore, this week’s Old School Patriot “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition goes to Texas Speaker of the House, Dennis Bonnen.

As reported by Texas Scorecard:

“Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen is reportedly putting lawmakers on notice: Campaign against incumbents, and you will be punished. In a media interview earlier this week, Bonnen said he was instituting a policy of banning members from engaging in electoral campaigns against each other, preventing legislators from endorsing, financially contributing, or otherwise assisting in races against incumbent members.

“If members of the Legislature are out campaigning against each other, you then don’t accomplish things like that because you bring the elections into the legislative process, and you don’t get over the wounds and the battles,” said Bonnen. “And then people turn into Washington, and you’re simply here to legislate on politics, not on policy and not on accomplishment of success.”

This is a notable departure from precedent in the last few legislative sessions, where even Gov. Greg Abbott took the extraordinary step of endorsing in primary elections against liberal Republicans in the legislature, and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick supported then-State Rep. Pat Fallon (R–Prosper) in his successful primary challenge against State Sen. Craig Estes (R–Wichita Falls).

But more even shocking is the fact that Bonnen’s admonition doesn’t just apply to intra-party primary elections; he’s talking about the general election too, with the Houston Chronicle reporting that “the warning applies to members of both parties and those who serve as party chairs.”

That could have disastrous effects for Republicans in 2020. With Republicans losing 12 seats in the last election, and holding a narrow 83-67 majority in the Texas House this session, members following Bonnen’s demand would be banned from contributing to Republican candidates in swing districts or otherwise endorsing efforts to grow their majority.

If they do, Bonnen says he would “publicly come out against members who take part and penalize them in the next legislative session.”

This development is even more interesting in light of recent comments made by Bonnen praising Democrat State Rep. Joe Moody (El Paso), telling a reporter, “I think Texas would be very blessed if there was a Democrat majority and Joe Moody wanted to lead the House.”

Uh, I must admit, this revelation has me very concerned about the future of Texas. It appears that the consent of the governed, the people who, in the Lone Star State majority, prefer constitutional conservative policies, legislators, mean nothing to Speaker Bonnen. Now, I will be the first to say that I do not agree with the concept of the “circular firing squad,” but if a person’s voting record is not aligned with the principles of governing that have made Texas an exceptional state, why defend that?

Let’s be honest, when there were Democrats in the US House of Representatives that voted with Republicans to report illegal immigrants seeking to purchase a firearm to ICE . . . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went apoplectic. She asserted that she was making a list, and it was about naughty moderate Democrats. Even this far left progressive socialist organization which spawned Ocasio-Cortez, the Justice Democrats, has made it clear, they want progressive socialists. Therefore, the Texas Blue Dog Congressman Henry Cuellar, is on their target list to replace, just as they did with Sylvester Reyes in El Paso, replacing him with  Robert Francis O’Rourke.

So, I am highly perplexed by this statement — yes, it is for real — by Speaker Bonnen. Perhaps Speaker Bonnen is a graduate from the Paul Ryan “How to Lose a House Majority” school of politics. What GOP leader, especially one in Texas, would make the claim, “I think Texas would be very blessed if there was a Democrat majority and Joe Moody wanted to lead the House.”

Uh, Texas would be very blessed if there was a Democrat majority? Okay, I think you now realize why Texas Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen is our chosen recipient for this week’s “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition.

Now, there just may be some folks who get upset that I wrote this missive. My question would be why? I am not the one fawning over a potential Democrat (socialist) takeover of the Texas House, meaning an impact on the next round of redistricting. I am not the one agreeing with, nor seeming to support Hillary Clinton’s assertion of turning the Texas State House over to the delusional kids that never got picked to play. I am just fed up, sick to my stomach, with Republicans, elected officials, who want to play nice with Beelzebub, and believe there can be a kumbaya moment with progressive socialists. Do any of you believe that if the Democrats and State Rep. Joe Moody were in charge of the Texas House of Representatives that they would be talking about how blessed it would be if Republicans had the majority?

I am just fed up, sick to my stomach, with Republicans who want to play nice with Beelzebub, and believe there can be a kumbaya moment with progressive socialists. Click To Tweet

I sincerely ask: why do Republicans get all weak in the knees and drop down begging these socialists to like them? Why do we heap praise upon the very people who are seeking to undermine our Constitutional Republic? Texas is pivotal in making that happen.

Remember our discussion on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which now has secured 191 electoral votes? Just imagine if next November the Lone Star State goes to the Democrats. That is 38 electoral votes, making the total 229, and you only need 270. The fact that we have a Texas Republican Speaker of the House protecting Democrat incumbents is unconscionable, utterly disconcerting.

Yes, I will speak up about this with the full understanding that I know what a Republican Party knife in your back feels like. Yep, back in Florida, thanks to then-Senate Majority Leader Dan Gaetz, and Florida Speaker of the House, Will Weatherford, who passed legislation redistricting me out of the Congressional district I was honored to serve.

One has to ask a simple question: whose side is Texas Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen on? I would simply implore him to take the platform and retract these very disturbing comments. Or explain that his comments were taken out of context.

If not, then I stand by recognizing him as “Stuck on Stupid” for the Lone Star State . . . dangerously so.

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