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Campus Jumps the #MeToo Shark

In Education, Front Page by Allen West

I think that I may start a new initiative. It would take the most absurd, delusional, insidious, and abjectly stupid news item of the week and feature it on “Stuck on Stupid Saturday.” Why not end the week with something that just makes you shake your head and laugh . . . the meaning behind referring to some folks as “chuckleheads.”

To kick this new idea off, on the last Saturday of 2018, I have a doozy for you!

As reported by the Daily Wire:

“Getting up the courage to ask someone out on a date can already be nerve-racking, but now that college campuses have completely gone off the deep end, that fear will be intensified. 

Today’s crazy comes from — unsurprisingly — the University of Missouri (Mizzou), best known for torpedoing its enrollment rates after campus protests led a professor to threaten a student journalist.

An official at Mizzou indicated during a deposition that a male student who was physically larger than the female student he asked out may have violated the school’s Title IX policy because his physical size gave him “power over her.” 

For years, we have been told that one must receive “affirmative consent” before anything of a dating or sexual nature takes place. Critics of such policies, such as this reporter, have often wondered what would happen if the mere ask is unwanted, does that also constitute sexual harassment or assault? Now we appear to have our answer: Yes. 

When a Mizzou official was questioned regarding a case where a black male Ph.D. candidate at the school asked out a white female fitness trainer, she bizarrely suggested that the fact that the male student was larger than the female student gave him “power over her” and violated school policy.”

C’mon Mizzou, y’all are now in the best all-around college sports conference in the Country, the Southeastern Conference, the venerable SEC! In the SEC we don’t go for these wacky leftist policies, well, at least that used to be the case.

This is, without a doubt, a best first qualifier for “Stuck on Stupid Saturday.” For a college campus to have a policy that would assert the physical size of a man over a woman can constitute sexual misconduct is the pure definition of absurdity. Let me ask a simple question: if a woman were, say, 5’3″ and 125, very fit, and a guy that was 6 feet tall and fit were to ask her out, you mean at Mizzou this could be deemed sexual misconduct? All because he is physically bigger, larger? So, is this to mean that this 5’3,” fit, 125-pound woman needs to be courted by a 5’3″ 125 pound fella in order to be in compliance with Mizzou’s Title IX policy? Therefore, the obvious question: what 5’3,” fit, 125-pound woman would want a like-sized guy?

Here is my advice to University of Tennessee football coach Jeremy Pruitt: recruit in Missouri, football players there have no one to date.

Yes, I know, I’m jesting, but remember that at the University of Texas, Austin, they wanted to declare masculinity a mental health condition. And. we know about the term “toxic masculinity” that has been promulgated by the progressive socialist left.

Dang, I remember, as a growing young man, that I wanted my own bench press set. I wanted to have a broad chest and strong arms . . . and, message to the folks at Mizzou, the girls wanted that as well. No woman wants to be with the fella at the beach who gets sand kicked in his face. Now, that is not to say that women want a bully, but women do want a fella that can stand his own. Furthermore, I think Mizzou’s policy is disrespectful to women . . . it portrays them as victims.

Here is a thought: you know what equalizes things between a physically smaller woman and a larger man? Yep, you guessed it, being armed, being empowered. Then again, the anti-gun leftists do not even agree with American women being able to carry and defend themselves against those big ol’ bad, mean, larger men. Yep, just make it all about sexual misconduct, that’s the ticket.

Message to the administrators at Mizzou: y’all certainly are chuckleheads and have earned our first “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” distinction. Oh, by the way, my two daughters are less than 5’4″ but their power is not relegated to size, they exude their power every day.

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