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The Children the Media Doesn’t Want You to See

In Front Page, Illegal immigration, National Security by Allen West

Yesterday, I was watching some of the MSNBC Morning Joe show. Yes, I had to take Pepto Bismol afterward. But, I implore y’all, flip over and listen to the minds of the progressive socialist left sometime. I know, y’all are asking “what minds?” They do possess a mind, it is just that they are utterly delusional and rather confused.

Case in point folks, the show ranted on about illegal immigrant children not being given toothpaste and soap. I just gotta tell ya, there were times on combat deployments when soap was not readily available. Anyways, back on topic, the continuous theme was just how mean that ol’ President Trump and his administration is towards these poor migrant  — read illegal immigrant — children. Never mind the fact that there is a video interview from 2014 where Barack Hussein Obama was warning people not to bring their kids along the treacherous journey, illegally, into the United States . . . oh, the hypocrisy.

I guess at the next Democrat (socialist) Party debate we will hear the whittled down list of candidates promise free toothpaste and soap?

So, it appears that we are supposed to believe that these progressive socialist leftists care so very much for these illegal immigrant children? Then why have many of these leftist states, like California, promoted free abortions, on the taxpayer dime, for illegal immigrant women? Oh, I see, it is okay to use the illegal immigrant kids in order to make a political point, exploiting them when their illegal parents are arrested during an ICE raid.

Let’s be honest, we separate parents from kids daily in the United States when the adult breaks the law. Entering our country illegally is breaking the law. But, once we get the illegals into our country, the progressive socialist left turns them over to the racist, white supremacist ideological agenda of one Margaret Sanger, those “undesirables and weeds” must be terminated in the womb.

Hmm, leads me to ask, when does the progressive socialist left really care about children?

And here we have this little story courtesy of Townhall:

“Mecklenburg County, North Carolina is the latest saga in the feud between local leftist leaders and the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Just a week after Mecklenburg County Sherriff Gerry McFadden proudly boasted that his police “just don’t do that work anymore” in regards to ICE detainer requests, the federal agency announced the capture of an illegal immigrant who was arrested on “first-degree rape and indecent liberties with a minor charges,” but was released by local police after the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office refused to honor an ICE detainer. 

A press release sent Thursday announced “fugitive Oscar Pacheco-Leonardo, 33, a Honduran national, and repeat immigration violator” was arrested by ICE on August 9 during an agency operation. ICE deported Pacheco in July 2007 back to his native country, but he subsequently returned. On June 14, 2019, he was arrested on the aforementioned sex crime charges. ICE issued a detainer on June 15, but Mecklenburg County released the suspect on June 16.

“This is yet another example of a clear public safety threat being released onto the streets of Mecklenburg County rather than into ICE custody due to the current sheriff’s policy on ICE non-cooperation,” said ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations Atlanta Field Office Director Sean Gallagher. “The Mecklenburg County sheriff’s decision to restrict cooperation with ICE serves as an open invitation to aliens who commit criminal offenses that Mecklenburg County is a safe haven for persons seeking to evade federal authorities, and residents of Mecklenburg County are less safe today than last year due to these policies,” he added. 

Pacheco’s case is just one of dozens similar to Mecklenburg County. The press release lists 22 other incidents of the police refusing to comply with ICE. These cases include everything from larceny to sexual assault to child rape. Some of these suspects are still large.”

Sanctuary cities and states releasing known child rapists back onto the streets, in defiance of federal ICE detainer requests? And Mecklenburg County, NC, encompasses Charlotte, another one of those well-run Democrat (socialist) controlled cities. Just know that the left hopes to flip NC, just as they hope to do the same thing in Texas. Why does anyone even consider voting for these people who care so little about your safety and security?

It is obvious, that by releasing a child rapist, this stuck on stupid idiot, Sheriff Gerry McFadden, does not give a doggone about the children there. When you further consider the fact that the progressive socialist left has declared war on our ICE agents, well, are you really sure you wanna align with the party of open borders and support to violent criminal illegal immigrants?

Think about it, the left wants to disarm law-abiding, legal American gun owners . . . all while they are releasing these vermin onto our streets? We are supposed to just sit back and take it? Heck no! When it comes to their ideological agenda which is to completely undermine and destroy our Constitutional Republic, these leftists do not care about our children. How many of these despicable individuals have ever shown any care and concern for the Angel Families who have lost their loved ones to criminal illegal immigrants? That is something that is not reported at MSNBC.

Where was the care and concern over Kate Steinle? Non-existent. As a matter of fact, the sanctuary city of San Francisco released her killer; they did not even find him guilty of criminal possession of a firearm. This was a five-time deported illegal immigrant, hiding out in a sanctuary city. See, the ideological agenda of the left, in Nancy Pelosi’s district, is more important than the life of our children. San Francisco, and really, all of California, still, today proudly proclaims its sanctuary status.

Anyone voting to support this is deranged, beyond stuck on stupid.

Whose children are important to the progressive socialist left? Only those they can manipulate, exploit, and leverage for their ideological agenda and electoral gain. Certainly not the 20 million black babies they have killed in the wombs of black mothers.

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