Screenshot from a video of children in Venezuela and their dire conditions in an article by Allen West.

Children the Progressive Socialist Left Won’t Discuss

In Democrats, Economics, Front Page by Allen West

If you really wanna know what matters to the progressive socialist left, just consider the things they do not talk about. During the last Democrat (socialist) Party presidential debate, you heard not a word about Venezuela.

Actually, the leftist media has never addressed the socialist debacle we have seen in Venezuela. It is clear evidence that the so-called progressive socialist left — who care so much about people and always make the emotional tug at our hearts — truly, do not care. Their sincerity is only feigned and it is centered only on what is their ideological agenda. The left cares so much about children, right? Nah, just when children can be leveraged for their political gain. They will travel down to our southern border and declare our Border Patrol agents are running concentration camps. Yet, we hear nothing about how our own children are being exposed to diseases emanating from those being allowed entry into our country, illegally.

I have yet to hear many on the left, especially Ayanna Pressley, member of the leftist “suicide squad” address the issue of 20,000,000 black babies murdered in the womb. Then again, Pressley made the absurd statement that black faces need to speak with black voices . . . . meaning color dictates your principles, values, and ideological perspective.

Consider this: when was the last time we heard any leftists addressing, vehemently so, the issue of criminal illegal immigrant gangs, or the black-on-black violence that is claiming the lives of so many of our children, daily?

No, instead they want to focus on gun-control and punishing, disarming, law-abiding Americans, legal firearms owners, who seek to protect their families from the left’s lawlessness.

I want to share with you another story about children that are not part of the cherry-picked formula of those who matter to the progressive socialist left.

As reported by Townhall:

“The children of #Venezuela no longer dream of piñatas and sweets, their reality is to fight among themselves and against adults for leftovers of bananas in order to survive,” Cristian Crespo tweeted today [Thursday].

Accompanying his message was a horrendous video out of the country torn apart by the devastating effects of socialism.  Professor Steve Hanke, an economics professor at Johns Hopkins as well as a senior fellow at Cato, pointedly commented, “A tragic scene out of the #socialist, horror movie. It’s real. It’s a documentary from the socialist paradise of #Venezuela.” 

As Townhall has previously covered, Venezuela is currently on the brink of an all-out war because its government’s failed socialism has ended up as socialism always does — with massive famine and extreme poverty. The end results have been citizens robbing graves, selling, their own bodies, and now, being forced to fight over scraps of food at such a young age simply to survive.”

Ask yourselves: how many times have we heard from “da squad” on the plight of the children in Venezuela who are suffering under the tyranny of the same philosophy of rule, socialism, that they advocate for America? As a matter of fact, you can go back and see where Rep. Ilhan Omar took the side of Nicolas Maduro against the policy of the United States in supporting opposition leader Guido. Now, of course, if these same children were to show up at our border, then their lives would all of a sudden take on a new meaning, purpose, for these hypocrite leftists. They do not denounce the very political system that creates such poverty, but they seek to recognize the victims, when — and only when — it lends itself for their political gain.

There is only one thing that has led to these little children starving and coveting banana scraps for food: socialism. It was socialism that brought this once-prosperous nation to this point. It was socialism, as always, that has deprived these humans, these children, of the very basic and most essential of rights: the right to life, survival. And, it always starts out so lovely, free everything, and as stated, ends up the exact same way . . . the equal sharing of misery.

In a way, it has already been happening here in America, in our inner cities, those bastions of despair controlled by the failed policies of leftists. Just look at the growing homelessness problem in America . . . it is not happening in rural areas, but rather in the urban areas, controlled by progressive socialists. Is this what we want for America?

The utter hypocrisy of the left should be evident to all of us. How they cherry-pick when children are important and when their little lives matter. I think Virginia and New York Governor’s Ralph Northam and Andrew Cuomo let us know what the left thinks about unborn, and born, children.

It is time we call out the modern-day acolytes, disciples of the pagan Canaanite god Moloch. They continue to do today, as they did then . . . . sacrifice our children.

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