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China: Our Geo-political Foe

In Front Page by Allen West

In these days, we need to reduce our self-imposed panic, paranoia, and hysteria. We will, united, defeat COVID-19 and restore our Republic. But, we should begin, now, to ponder what must change so that we never find ourselves in this position ever again. That means we need to focus on the origin of the coronavirus, Wuhan Province, China. I do not embrace conspiracy theories, and I do not surrender to the premise of coincidences. Why, at this time, did we have this pestilence unleashed from a brutally repressive, communist regime?

Shari Goodman, in her piece titled, “The Rebirth of our Nation and the End of Globalism,” provides a very excellent, concise, and articulate assessment of how we got here, where we are, and where we must go.

“For the last few decades, we have watched the left’s advancement of globalism, multiculturalism, and a world with no borders, to the detriment of our nation-state.  Nationalism was viewed with disdain by the media elite and their counterparts in academia as an outdated paradigm to be relegated to the dustbin of history.

In their effort to advance their mission, they created NAFTA, and under Bill Clinton, free trade with China was initiated in 2000.  China was officially welcomed into the World Trade Organization in 2001 with promises to reform tariffs and policies, tariff reductions, and open markets.  China also received Most Favored Nations Status.  Its admittance significantly resulted in it receiving the lowest tariffs, fewer trade barriers, and the highest import quotas.

Many of America’s once-thriving manufacturing companies moved their operations overseas, where cheap labor and fewer stifling regulations promised hefty profits and less governmental interference.  As a result, millions lost their jobs in cities throughout the United States.  The Rust Belt, once the manufacturing heartland of America in states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, experienced urban decay and losses in population due to deindustrialization.  Our leading auto manufacturers, steel suppliers, pharmaceuticals, and clothing manufacturers suddenly became a thing of the past.  Cities like Detroit lost their base, as did Cleveland, a large supplier of steel.  Currently, the Chinese produce 50% of the world’s steel.  American aluminum manufacturers during the ’50s and ’60s provided 80% of the world’s supply, but by 2014, it had dwindled to 32%.  We used to be a sizable supplier of rare earth minerals, but today, 80% of rare earth minerals critically needed in the production of cell phones, missile systems, hybrid cell batteries, and solar panels is mined in China.  Additionally, 80% of our pharmaceuticals are now manufactured in Communist China.  As China employed unfair trade deals that imposed huge tariffs upon our goods, it became clear that we were losing our economic edge and taking a backseat to a rising tyrannical world power.  

Under the watch of Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Hussein Obama, the outsourcing to China continued unabated.  There were conservatives within the GOP, particularly the Freedom Caucus, who objected, but they were quickly overruled by the establishment Republican old-guard globalists such as the late John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan.  Obama’s philosophy was to “lead from behind,” and behind we fell.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if one is behind, one is not in the lead, but Obama sold that unbelievable illogical slogan to millions of gullible empty heads.  For eight long years under Obama, our GDP never grew beyond 2%, and he shamelessly warned that without a magic wand, manufacturing jobs were never going to come back.  While cities throughout Asia and the Middle East were building new skyscrapers, our infrastructure was falling apart.  Highways, bridges, and city streets were old and in need of repair.  Many urban areas such as Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, and Los Angeles were rotting from within. 

The entrance of President Trump, known for the art of the deal, into the Presidential campaign four years ago was met with ridicule and scorn by the elites in the media.  For years, he had watched the decline of the United States from a distance.  His decision to enter the race should not have been surprising.  He hinted as far back as 1988 that he would consider a presidential run if needed.

With America on the decline, new, bold leadership was indeed needed.  Ultimately, it would take an outsider with financial independent means, not beholden to a corrupt oligarchy or the many various lobbying groups in operation, to reverse course.  He entered the race with a mission to restore America’s stature by making America great again.  At odds with the elite globalists who had dominated D.C. for many years, he quickly became their target since the restoration of America’s greatness required an end to the reign of corruption that governed much of D.C.  His election to office marked the beginning of the end of their sweetheart deals made on the side while lining their pockets in return for either looking the other way or by literally selling out our country.

With the aid of the politicization of the FBI, the CIA, and our Justice Department under Barack Hussein Obama, the Democrats along with their Deep State counterparts invented a Russian collusion hoax; the Mueller report, which found no grounds for indictment; and the Ukrainian quid pro quo charge — and with less than a year left in his administration, they moved to impeach.  They failed miserably!  The economy was booming with low unemployment and a soaring stock market.  The re-election of President Trump was promising and looked imminent, but it came to a screeching halt when the Chinese either intentionally or negligently unleashed the Wuhan virus upon the world in December of last year.  Instead of focusing their energy upon a menacing totalitarian communist state on the world stage, House Democrats obsessed with Trump Derangement Syndrome, along with their sidekicks in the complicit mainstream media, spent all of December and January razor-focused upon a bogus impeachment trial.

The use of biological warfare is illegal and criminal.  When threatened with exposure, China retaliated with the threat of withholding much needed pharmaceuticals now needed more than ever.

The promise of globalization and the end of borders as advanced by leftists, who like to label themselves as Progressives, is now in question.  Political pundits who for years advanced policies that led to our dependency for goods that we once manufactured now have the gall to blame the president when it was their policies that led to the rise of China and our dependency.

Totalitarian communist states can never be trusted.  Their word is no good, and their signatures upon treaties are as worthless as their word.
Consequently, President Trump is now a wartime president.  He has amassed the best and the brightest among us in today’s battle.  The future is an unknown, but if he succeeds at winning the next round, and I believe he will, our economy will bounce back stronger than ever.  If the past three years under President Trump are any indication, we will survive and thrive once again under his leadership.  The Chinese and his Democrat nemesis may rue the day they construed his demise.  Against all odds, his finest hour may by upon us as President Trump rallies our country against an enemy unleashed by a tyrannical regime.  In so doing, history will regard him as the president who saved American exceptionalism during a time of hardship and war.  It is he who will be credited with the rebirth of our nation, while globalism will be relegated to the dustbin of history, where it belongs.

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