Photo of a cowboy boot ornament on a tree in a Christmas article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot website

My Christmas Wishes for America

In Front Page by Allen West

Greetings and salutations, everyone!

On this Christmas Eve, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. For me, today has an even greater special meaning: it is my 29th wedding anniversary with my wife of all these years, Dr. Angela Graham-West. So, for this little missive, I figured I would share my Christmas wishes with y’all.

First, Santa, I wish that my wife, Angela, keeps me around for another year, so we can hit 30 years together. This Christmas, I am happy and blessed that I am not deployed, and I am with my wife and daughters, Aubrey and Austen.

So, another wish is that all of those who are separated from their loved ones due to military deployments, or our first responders on duty, this Christmas, that a special blessing be upon them and that they will soon be reunited.

For those families who will have that empty chair this Christmas, I ask that God remind them of His love which surpasses all. I wish that somehow, they can find comfort, peace, and solace in missing their loved one.

Along that line, I pray that we can restore the meaning and respect for the traditional American family. There are too many homes that do not have a mom and dad waking up with children on Christmas morning. In pursuing societal and cultural ideological agendas, we have torn down that which was a foundation in America. In trying to accommodate these agendas there has been an assault on traditional marriage of one man and one woman, along with the family. I wish that we could all settle down and recognize that we do not have to destroy that foundation in order to achieve a certain agenda.

I wish that people would no longer tense up, and say the rather bland greeting of “Happy Holidays.” I wish that we didn’t have these “word police” who are determining what we can or cannot say. It is so funny that when you say “Merry Christmas” to some, they respond with “you too” or “thanks” or “happy holidays.” Then there are others when you say Merry Christmas, their face lights up realizing that they have found a kindred spirit, something with whom they can let down their guard and emphatically respond with “Merry Christmas to you also.”

For my America, I wish that we would end the folly of fascism, that is what it is. I want us to be able to speak freely to each other, and not fear being demonized, denigrated, or disparaged for having thoughts, perspectives, or insights that are not in agreement with the status quo elites. Heck, why do we even have folks who consider themselves elites in our America? As I have always stated, the greatness of America is that we have a principle of equality of opportunity. I wish for my America that we reject the failed concept of equality of outcomes, where designated — often hidden — elites make the decisions for us all.

I wish for America that the rule of law, our Constitution, would once again have meaning. I wish that the law would be applied equally to all of those who have violated it, and not be subjectively based upon one’s political affiliation. I wish that our laws wouldn’t be associated with any political ideological agenda and that due process were granted to all, not revoked based upon partisan views.

I wish that our news media would just report the news, objectively, and allow Americans to make their own assessments and analyses. I wish that the American people regained their sense of being critical thinkers and not just empty vessels looking to be filled up by others. I am not asking that my country be populated with philosophers, but at least desire to be educated, not indoctrinated.

I got an awesome Seekins Precision NXP8 300BLK AR-15 pistol for Christmas. And I wish that there were no longer those who did not realize that is my right. As a law-abiding, legal, gun owner, my constitutional Second Amendment right should extend across America.

My wish for America is that certain people stop aligning their ideological agenda with what they believe, or do not believe, to be a right. I wish that America would realize that anytime someone says they are giving you something, for free, that it really isn’t, and that those who claim that they can give you something can also take it away.

My Christmas wish for America is that, well, it would just once again be America. I wish that Americans would start seeking our leaders, real men and women who are not focused on telling my country what they perceive they want to hear, but rather what they need to hear. I wish that America would start elevating Statesmen, not charlatans with sideshow gimmicks and slogans.

I wish that on our Independence Day, families would sit and read the Declaration of Independence together. I wish that on Memorial Day, there would be no more sales advertisements, but rather this entire country would shut down and every American would be at a national memorial cemetery walking in that garden of stone where those who gave the last full measure of devotion “requiem en pace.” I wish that Veterans Day was every day and that we did not have, on average per day, 20-22 of our veterans taking their lives.

I wish that America would stop and think, and no longer place the needs of foreigners above the needs of our American citizens. And I wish that those who want to come into our country illegally would first seek to reform their own.

And my closing wish is, well, simple: that President Trump would stop using a social media platform to issue policy decisions. That wish may upset some folks, but guess what? It is my wish, and last time I checked, in America, I had that freedom to express it. If I do not, then one of my wishes will never come to fruition.

— Merry Christmas from Lt. Col. Allen B. West