Photo of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Donald Trump in an article by Allen West about the border crisis and criminal illegal immigrant activity

Chuck and Nancy: American Lives Matter

In Culture, Front Page, Illegal immigration, National Security by Allen West

I have stated previous, every day there should be a flood of calls to the offices of Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi of the real victims of criminal illegal immigration. These leftists — who denounce this issue as a “manufactured crisis”  — must be forced to admit that Americans are losing their lives to those who should not be in our country . . . period! This whole government shutdown episode is absurd and unnecessary. The safety and security of law-abiding American citizens should be the priority of any and all elected officials in our Republic…not their inane ideological agenda.

So, with that being said, here is my reminder to Chuck and Nancy.

As reported by the NY Post:

“The man suspected of living in the US illegally whom authorities believe killed four people was charged after he allegedly pawned off jewelry belonging to two of the victims. 

Wilbur Martinez-Guzman allegedly sold two gold and diamond rings, 16 silver rings, toe rings and turquoise rings belonging to Connie Koontz, 56, who was found dead in her home Jan. 10, according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday and obtained by the Reno Gazette Journal

The 20-year-old also allegedly pawned an Elks ring with a blue stone engraved with the initials of Jerry David, 81, who was found dead with his wife, Sherri, 80, on Jan. 16. 

Martinez-Guzman, who is from El Salvador, is also suspected in the death of Sophia Renken, 74, who was found dead in her home Jan. 13, about a mile away from Koontz. 

So far, Martinez-Guzman has been charged with an immigration infraction and burglary, but police say he’s responsible for the four deaths. More charges are expected against him during a court hearing in Carson City Thursday.”

Hey, Chuck and Nancy, four dead Americans is not a manufactured crisis.

Think about the math here, one illegal immigrant — a person who should not have been here — killed four Americans. They are forever separated from their loved ones. And y’all refuse to take any action to secure our borders and prevent this deadly infiltration, no invasion, of illegal immigrants? What if we were to find out that this animal, yes, that is how I refer to him, came into Nevada by way of the sanctuary state of California. What say you, Nancy?

So, are we to ascertain that to the progressive socialist left — who also want to abolish ICE — protecting these illegal predators is more important to them than the lives of Americans? Seriously, what are we supposed to deduce from the stance of the Democrats, the liberal progressive media, and leftist pundits, other than illegal immigrants are more important than American lives?

Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats admonish President Trump to open up the government so we can talk about border security? Really? Yes, government employees are missing paychecks, and that is also the fault of the leftist progressives. But, Americans are losing their lives, another crisis we can attribute to the Democrat party who callously refer to that as a “manufactured crisis.”

The murders of Connie Koontz, Sheri and Jerry David, and Sophia Renken are not manufactured crises. Sadly, their deaths were created by progressive socialists and their ideological agenda which cares little about the lives of American citizens. These four names will join a long list of others — preventable deaths — that came at the hands of criminal illegal immigrants who had no right to be in our country. And, as another “migrant caravan” heads towards our border, how many are there in that number who will take the lives of more Americans?

This is disgusting and despicable, and shame on any and everyone that supports Chuck and Nancy. Build the doggone wall, barrier, obstacle, and end the senseless murders of American citizens by these animals, who have no “spark of divinity.”

Ya think that Chuck and Nancy will call these families and offer their condolences?