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Cold as Ice

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The Sirius/XM radio channel, Classic Rewind, plays my favorite genre of music, classic rock. One of my favorite groups from the 80s was Foreigner, and their song “Cold as Ice” tops the list. That song comes to mind as I think about the new angle of leftist assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

I mean seriously, this allegation that Brett Kavanaugh threw ice on someone at a bar is preposterous. However, this is what we can expect from the progressive, socialist, left. As they now see these absurd allegations and accusations dissipate into false assertions, under oath, they are searching for any and everything to condemn Brett Kavanaugh.

To believe that the left now wants to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of not having the temperament to be a Supreme Court justice is ludicrous. What are they basing this upon? Because Brett Kavanaugh yelled at those Senate Democrats, and their accomplices, for trying to assassinate his character? What the heck is he supposed to do, say “thank you, may I please have another?” This is the demonic evil of the left. They want to destroy you, and if you fight back, they characterize you as being intemperate.

Recently, I wrote a missive that asked the question “what if?” I believe that Judge Brett Kavanaugh should not only be angry, upset, and resolute in focusing that against those gremlins trying to destroy him, but, he needs to start thinking about his legal recourse. We can already see that the accusations of Julie Swetnick are falling apart. We have not heard anything else from Deborah Ramirez, whose story has no corroborating witnesses, heck one of the people she mentioned is dead! How convenient, at least that person can continue to vote Democrat.

Now we know that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford appears to have, indeed, lied under oath when she said she never dealt with anyone taking a polygraph test.

We are seeing a shift in polling, as Americans are appalled at this chicanery, this open diabolical attempt to destroy a good man. We have seen the horrific political cartoons portraying Judge Kavanaugh’s youngest daughter praying. Yes, the Democrat [Socialists] are starting to realize that they screwed up, royally. To have a pure chucklehead like Chuck Schumer go to the Senate floor, and deliver a speech referring to Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a flawed nominee — based upon what? He threw ice on a guy back in college? To try to denigrate, demean, and disparage a man by seeking to expose him as an excessive consumer of beer as a high school senior or college freshman? Really? Shall I say Ted Kennedy?

Yes, I can fully understand Brett Kavanaugh being indignant, and belligerent, before the members of the party of the jackass that sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Heck, for me, that is even more reason to have him sit on the Supreme Court. A man who will defend his honor, and his family will certainly defend the Constitution of these United States of America. Why do I say so? Because he possesses honor, integrity, and character, something that Senators Blumenthal, Booker, Durbin, Feinstein, Klobuchar, and Harris know little about — which is exactly why they were offended when it confronted them.

Well, here we are, and, soon, the (seventh) FBI investigation will be complete. Perhaps this was the easiest investigation the FBI has ever had to do. There are no corroborating witnesses. No one remembers where these alleged events took place, heck, one of the folks mentioned as a witness is dead.

My question is simple: who will pay for this mess? There is a long line, and names need to be named. Every person who had a hand in this inquisition of Judge Brett Kavnaugh needs to face legal consequences, or else we can expect it to happen again, and again, and again.

This is, indeed, what Barry Soetoro would call a “teachable moment.” The lesson should be that the left in America, specific individuals, will pay dearly for this type of abhorrent behavior, and that includes those Senate Democrats who sought to defame a good man. As well, America, we need to punish the Democrat [Socialist] party at the ballot box in a just about a month. Those veterans running under a Democrat [Socialist] party banner need to know they are not fooling us. Any and every person running in the 2018 election cycle that has not come out and formally denounced the treatment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh should be voted against. Their silence cannot go unpunished, because it is, after all, consent.

Every person who had a hand in this inquisition of Judge #BrettKavnaugh needs to face legal consequences, or else we can expect it to happen again, and again, and again. #tcot Click To Tweet

Any candidate who wants to give electoral power to the Democrat [Socialist] party needs to be defeated, wherever possible. Lawsuits need to be brought against all who joined this charade to publicly assassinate Judge Brett Kavanaugh. It is sad that we have come to this point, but when people are as cold, and callous, as the left, there is only one way to send a message: crush them.

Consider this new “report” from the NY Times going after President Trump, and his deceased dad, Fred Trump, on tax evasion issues. Where the heck was the NY Times when they should have been peeling the onion back on the Clinton Foundation, registered in New York State?

If we, America, want more of this bad behavior, keep dismissing, and excusing it. If we want it to end, or at least subside, then go on offense, be cold as ice, and ensure we never allow progressive socialists to have power, control in our Constitutional Republic.

Election night, Tuesday, November 6, 2018, we can all have that Spartacus moment saying “I am Brett Kavanaugh,” as we defeat the left, and watch them sulk, cry, and yes, probably riot.