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How to Combat Socialism

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I had an incredible Veterans Day weekend between being in Knoxville, Tennessee and Chardon, Ohio. However, the entire weekend was summed up in a conversation with a woman who was traveling back to Dallas on the same flight as I from Cleveland. She recognized me as I sat there awaiting the flight, and we struck up an interesting dialogue. She was concerned about the direction in which this country is heading. The reason why? She was from Romania and came to America in 1983. If you know your history, you’ll realize that Romania was still under communist control. Its leader was one Nicolae Ceausescu who served as the general secretary of the Romanian Communist Party from 1965-1989, he was the last Communist leader of Romania. He met a just fate in 1989.

The woman with whom I spoke fled Romania with her parents and came to America. They came through the front door, as they were indeed refugees from a horrible system that oppressed the indomitable human spirit that yearned for liberty, and freedom. They came seeking a better way of life, not to be a burden to the American dream, but a full and active participant in it, a contributor to it.

She explained to me that socialism always sounds wonderful at the outset. When people are told that they are going to be taken care of, that their needs will be met, and met for free, it is enticing, intoxicating, but delusional. See, what we all must realize is that no one can be a communist without first being a socialist. Socialism is an economic theory, construct, that leads to a societal shift, communism. Socialism is centered around wealth redistribution, nationalizing of economic production, and expansion of a welfare nanny-state. She confided in me that what happens in socialism, which leads to communism, is that the individual is subjugated, made irrelevant when it comes to the collectivization of the people. In essence, not only does the individual lose that respective identity, they lose their liberty, as the goals and objectives of the government, and the collective is preeminent, supreme.

Now, I ask you, as she did of me, why would anyone want this? We had a very in-depth exchange that the only way this is possible is through the mass proliferation of a lie. And she expressed that there are two ways in which that lie is promulgated, through the media, which becomes state-controlled, and in academia or schools. She firmly concluded that having lived under a socialist, communist, rule, she sees America drifting in the same direction.

How is it that we have allowed socialism to be openly, and widely, accepted in a nation that has prided itself in being a more perfect union focused and centered on the unalienable rights endowed to the individual from the Creator, not man, and these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

She and I agreed that the fundamental premise of socialism is that it purports to believe it can — meaning government can — “guarantee your happiness.” That you, the individual, are incapable of pursuing that on your own volition. And, those who are capable of doing so are demonized, disparaged, and denigrated on the altar of sacrifice to the gods of collectivism.

What she conveyed to me is that more naturalized Americans who fled these situations should be the ones who speak. They know socialism and can debate the Bernie Sanders’ and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s all the day long. Those, such as the woman with whom I spoke, and those from places like Venezuela, can attest to the initial charm offensive of socialism. They can inform us as to how the purveyors of incompetence in our academic halls espouse something that has never been successful unless destroying a nation is deemed success — ya know, the “fundamental transformation” line.

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So, what do I recommend? There should be more op-ed pieces, commercials, videos, done by those who came to the “shining city that sits upon a hill.” Too many Americans embrace the “rainbow and Skittles” fantasy and need to be awakened before we trend too far.

The word around these parts is that ol’ Bob O’Rourke is going to run for President in 2020. Yes, the left found a really nice, cool, charismatic white version of Obama. He lost the Senate race here in Texas but perhaps it was not all about his winning, but whether or not he could become that progressive socialist doctor who could best deliver the poisonous injection. I see the potential dream ticket for the left for 2020 being California Senator Kamala Harris and Bob O’Rourke. The reason being is that the left is not focused on their message — it’s empty — but rather the charismatic delivery that will mesmerize, hypnotize, and in the end result in mobilizing the mass of Lenin’s “useful idiots.” With the complicity of the liberal progressive media and the enabling cultural elites, the promulgation of the lie will spread widely.

The people who know socialism should be the best witnesses of its failure. Their voices are the best ammunition against what we face in America. They came here to America to escape that tyranny, and sadly, we have let them down and allowed this cancer to fester and now fully metastasize in the place they know as the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave. Back in 1985, I learned why I was a soldier when I went through Checkpoint Charlie. The despair, despondency, and dejection I saw evidenced why we stood upon that wall as sentinels, guardians.

The woman I spoke with came to America in 1983, that was the year that I went on active duty as an American soldier, beginning my service that would earn me the title of veteran, today.

It was a great Veterans Day weekend, and it was topped off by speaking to someone who reminded by why I was a veteran. May God bless her richly in this place we call home, America.

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