Photo of President Donald Trump visiting prototypes of the border wall in an article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot about border security.

Consequences for Ignoring Border Security

In Foreign Policy, Front Page, Illegal immigration, National Security by Allen West

Greetings, everyone!

I am here at my computer in my room at the Homewood Suites in Mobile, Alabama. I had a fantastic Thursday evening in Fairhope, Alabama, at the Page and Palette bookstore in the quaint downtown of this picturesque city on Mobile Bay. I was there for a book signing, and gave a presentation on the book with a Q&A session.

My dear friends and Alabama royalty, Dr. Gaylon and Susan McCollough, hosted me for the trip. As well, I was reunited with my former cadet from Kansas State University, now retired US Army Colonel Jim Delapp and his wife Heather, along with my former neighbors from Florida, Mike and Stephanie Burt. This is a really beautiful place, Fairhope and Gulf Shores, Alabama, I will be returning to enjoy it, and eat some good fried catfish.

Of course, during the Q&A portion, there were several questions about border security. Now, as you well know, a nation that does not secure its borders, thereby protecting its citizens, will not be a nation for too long. You cannot surrender your sovereignty.

As I was clearing out my emails from the day, I came across a story that I believe has relevance for America. The story comes from Israel, a country, nation, that has to constantly defend itself against intrusions, and dangerous terrorist attacks. When people talk about walls not being effective, ask the Israelis what happened with the level, and frequency, of terrorist attacks once they constructed a barrier? Hmm, I would think that Sen. Chuck Schumer would understand that. Then again, ol’ Chuck couldn’t find the time to attend the official ceremony for the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Barriers do have an effect, but Israel has come to implement another policy that is a consequence to those who support Islamic terrorist attacks against its citizens. But, the Fatah jihadist group, aka the Palestinian Authority, is taking a counter position.

As reported by Palestinian Media Watch:

“The PA is busy rebuilding the homes of murderers of Israelis. This gesture of appreciation for terrorists who have murdered has been authorized from the top of the PA – by both PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah. 

One house the PA pledged to rebuild is that of the Abu Hmeid family. Israel demolished it on Dec. 15, 2018 following the murder of Ronen Lyubarsky on May 24, 2018, by Islam Yusuf Abu Hmeid, who’s four terrorist brothers were already serving multiple life sentences for murdering at least 10 Israelis. A sixth Abu Hmeid brother was also a terrorist and was killed by Israel. 

The coordinator of “the national campaign to rebuild homes demolished by Israel” in the PA, Mazen Al-Dunbuk, confirmed that the Abu Hmeid home will be rebuilt. He also announced that the homes of “the heroes of the Itamar operation” have been rebuilt already. The terrorist murderers who the PA sees as “heroes” murdered the young couple Naama and Eitam Henkin in front of their four children in 2015. 

Israeli law permits destroying terrorists’ homes because it has proven to be a life-saving deterrence. There are documented cases in which parents notified the Israeli army that their sons were planning terror attacks. The parents did this because they did not want to lose their homes. 

In addition to the Abu Hmeid home, Al-Dunbuk announced that the home of “Martyr” Ashraf Na’alwa is being rebuilt as well. Na’alwa murdered 2 of his Israeli coworkers, Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi, three months ago.

Coordinator of the national campaign to rebuild homes demolished by Israel Mazen Al-Dunbuk: Yesterday [Dec. 16, 2018] we built four homes in the Nablus district for the heroes of the Itamar operation in Beit Furik (i.e., terror attack, 2 murdered), and now the families are living in their homes. The headline of this campaign is the family of heroic Martyr Ashraf Na’alwa (i.e., terrorist, murdered 2) and the family of prisoner Nasser Abu Hmeid (i.e., terrorist, responsible for murder of 7). [Official PA TV, Reporters in the Field, Dec. 17, 2018″

First of all, how many American taxpayer dollars are going to Fatah so that they can reward Islamic terrorists, jihadists? We already know that the PA is providing financial stipends to family members of terrorists. Maybe we should look at cutting off all foreign aid to the PA, and channel those funds to our own border security. Hmm, that would probably upset freshman Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.

But, what I want to focus on here is the issue of consequences. What the Israelis are saying is that if you support, aid, and abet Islamic terrorist attacks against citizens of Israel, there will be consequences.

There, the policy is to destroy the house. Maybe it is time we consider some sort of consequence for those who are supporting criminal illegal immigrants? We all know that the killer of Newman, California, Police Officer Ronil Singh was a criminal illegal immigrant with two prior arrests, and was a gang member. Those who were aiding and abetting him, providing cover, were also arrested, but should we start sending a stronger message, one of property confiscation, for those who shelter criminal illegal immigrants, and dangerous gang members associated with MS-13 and the like?

Is it time we start to increase the pain level, not to the degree Israel has in bulldozing houses, but I have no issue with that policy. What are the consequences for those who enable this lawlessness? Yes, I am talking, as well, about those who refuse cooperation with federal authorities, such as ICE, and establish sanctuary states and cities where these criminal illegal immigrants thrive, in plain sight.

Now, I am not talking about taking away the property of Governor Gavin Newsom, Bill de Blasio, or Rahm Emanuel, along with the Oakland mayor. However, there has to be a credible deterrent at various levels of involvement to stem this scourge. I mean seriously, think about it, how can a five-time deported criminal illegal immigrant just gun down a young American woman, Kate Steinle, and go free? There are many who will tout the 14th Amendment equal protection under the law clause, but where was the equal protection for Kate Steinle, and her family? Are we serious about this issue in America, and are people really going to tell me that a criminal illegal immigrant can just kill an American woman, and walk?

I am sorry, but there must be consequences for those who place their ideological belief far and above that of the American people. As a matter of fact, why do we have Americans going across the border and coaching those seeking illegal entry into our nation on how to “game” our system? Who are the ones behind the funding and support of these “migrant caravans” seeking illegal entry into the United States? I mean really, where did the food, water, change of clothes, and all those tent shelters come from?

Yes, Israel took very drastic action, and it has had some intended effect. Folks that do not want their houses bulldozed turn in those seeking to enact terrorist attacks. Perhaps this is one of the measures of last resort, especially though, what do you do when you are dealing with an enemy that wants to kill your innocent citizens . . . men, women, children?

Therefore, what effective measures should we explore in the United States to deter this phenomenon of criminal illegal immigration? It was a sad day to see that something as simple as Kate’s Law could not even pass in our Legislative branch. That sends a very bad message to those here, not just illegally but conducting criminal activities. It says that we are too PC and weak to remove them from our streets to ensure the safety and security of our citizens.

Israel took an action, and their government said “enough.” The question is: when will our own government, sworn to uphold our rule of law, say “enough,” and prioritize the protection of American citizens? Or, will they never do so? If that is the case, then stop trying to disarm us.