In Front Page, Second Amendment, US Constitution by Allen West

“This pandemic gives Democrats a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”
April 2, 2020, Rep, James Clyburn (D-SC), Chairman, House Pandemic Oversight Committee 

Greetings, everyone. I pray y’all had a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend and Resurrection Day. The one-word title of this missive says it all for me, and I presume you, as well. In retrospect, I cannot remember any time in my 59 years of life that our churches were deemed “non-essential.” On one of the holiest day of the Judeo-Christian faith heritage, Easter Sunday, that the doors of church buildings were closed, shut. On the day that is the fundamental basis of the Christian faith, the resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, when the stone was rolled away from the tomb, we were locked in our respective “shelters.”

On Resurrection Day morning, we called around and texted family members. I talked to friends in North Carolina who were under such a mandate that their own kids could not come and visit. I talked to a very dear friend in Michigan who was told they could not go to their small condo in northern Michigan because of the dictate by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Saturday, I went to get my oil changed on my Jeep. I always go to Take Five in Garland, and the two fellas there informed me that they were the only two employees left. They are working every day.


If the statement by Democrat Representative Clyburn is truly reflective of the mindset of some elected officials…enough! What is the vision of these progressive socialists, the one they believe this pandemic will yield tremendous opportunity for them? Is their vision to use this opportunity to further degrade, erode, and diminish more of our individual freedoms, rights, and liberties? Yes, it is time to start talking about resurrecting our economy, and the American will, spirit, and determination. Enough with this politicized panic, fear, paranoia, and hysteria. One thing is for certain, the longer the powers to seek to maintain this stranglehold on us, the more We the People will uncover more truths being hidden from us.

Ask yourselves, what are the “things” that Rep. Clyburn would like to restructure to fit the Democrats’ vision?

Maybe one of those things is the subject of a recent lawsuit in New Mexico. As reported by Bearing Arms:

“A coalition of Second Amendment organizations, including the Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association, and Firearms Policy Coalition are suing New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham over her recent emergency order mandating the closure of lawful firearms retailers and gun ranges during the coronavirus pandemic.

The lawsuit filed in federal court is known as Aragon v. Grisham, and it lays out a powerful argument that Gov. Grisham and the New Mexico Department of Health are violating the Second Amendment rights of residents with the order that forced gun shops and ranges across the state to shut down, starting with the fact that the federal government considers gun stores (and the entire firearms industry) to be a critical part of the nation’s workforce.

What’s more, the state’s Public Health Emergency Response Act specifically states that one of the purposes of the law is “provid[ing] the state of New Mexico with the ability to manage public health emergencies in a manner that protects civil rights and the liberties of individual person.”

So far, we haven’t seen Gov. Grisham try to suspend the lawful carrying of firearms as the Hazard Emergency Management Act empowers her to do, though if she did, I suspect we’d see another court challenge to that provision of the law as well. In the meantime, there’s nothing in New Mexico law that specifically allows Grisham to order gun stores and ranges shut down, and plenty of evidence on the books that the governor is actually not empowered to take that step, either in New Mexico law or the U.S. Constitution.”


What we must focus on is the fact that we may be experiencing a very “new normal” in the use of emergency declarations to usurp constitutional rights and liberties. Think about how easy this was to accomplish with COVID-19. Still, the pestilence has not resulted in near as many losses of life than a seasonal flu. Imagine the routine misuse of the seasonal flu as a means to undermine our rights and freedoms?

How easy has it been to “force” Americans into complete subjugation? Consider how much easier it would be if the same American people cannot defend themselves?

Why are these leftist governors shutting down specific small businesses and churches? Yes, I know, we must “flatten the curve.” I love it when these trite soundbites are created to force compliance. But you really wanna tell me that Planned Parenthood clinics are “essential” while churches and gun stores and ranges are not? The latter two are supported by the First and Second amendments of our Constitution — you know, that rule of law thing — perhaps that is one of those “things” that Rep. Clyburn seeks to use this pandemic to restructure?

I am just thankful that this past weekend, Saturday, I was able to go and exercise my 2nd Amendment right at my gun range, Lake Highlands Shooting Center. Also, I was appreciative of the fact that I could support this small, American family-owned business.

Remember that movie “Network” and Peter Finch’s iconic imploring of the citizens to go to their windows and shout out, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore?” Well, us Southern fellas ain’t quite as verbose. I just implore you to send a one-word text or email to your elected officials and say, “enough.”