Photo of Joe Biden with Barack Obama in an article by Allen West for the Old School Patriot.

Crazy Uncle Joe’s Greatest Hits

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Y’all remember when ol’ Uncle Joe told a fella who was confined to a wheelchair to stand up and be recognized? Yeah, I am sure every one of ya can share with us a very special Uncle Joe Biden story. Mine? Well, I will never forget when ol’ Joe, like all Democrats, somehow developed a southern accent when speaking to a crowd of blacks back during the 2012 election, “dey gon’ put y’all back in chains.” Really? If my mind serves me correctly, there is only one political party in the history of the United States that supported putting — and keeping — blacks in chains: dem Democrats.

Hmm, wasn’t it ol’ Joe Biden who referred to Barack Obama as being “clean and articulate” as opposed to . . . ? But, just like ol’ “Black Face” Ralphie-boy Northam, these white liberal progressives always get a pass on the insulting, racist, and stupid things that they say.

There was a reason why the former vice president of the United States had to make his presidential candidacy announcement via a scripted video. He could not be trusted to make a speech — at least one without a gaffe, or two — to announce his candidacy for the presidency of these United States of America. How long has ol’ Joe been an official candidate and he has already earned our honored, dubious recognition for “Stuck on Stupid Saturday.”

Yep, folks, the Democrat (socialist) Party can rant all they want about President Trump having access to our nuclear codes. We should all be concerned to have Joe Biden as our Commander-in-Chief, and, here’s why.

As reported by Fox News:

“A top Pentagon official on Friday disagreed with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s claim on the campaign trail that China isn’t really a competitor of the United States. 

Asked about the former vice president’ comments, Assistant Defense Secretary for Asia Randall Schriver told reporters, “I’ll stick with the language in our national security strategy and our national defense strategy, which identifies China as a strategic competitor.”

Campaigning in Iowa on Wednesday, Biden pushed back against the idea of China as a global competitor to the U.S. “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man!”

Biden said. He added, “They can’t figure out how they’re going to deal with the corruption that exists within the system. They’re not bad folks. But guess what, they’re not competition for us.” 

Uh, look, I kinda don’t blame ol’ Joe Biden, after all, his former boss, Barry Soetoro, flippantly referred to ISIS as the “JV Team.” Do we really want another trip down “Stuck on Stupid Street?”

Let me break it down on how abjectly absurd Joe Biden sounds. It is obvious that ol’ Joe has not read China’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy nor has he paid attention to the fact that China, against international law, has built islands in the South China Sea along the major sea lane of commerce transit. They have fortified these islands with military weaponry including airfields and surface-to-ship missiles. Maybe Joe does not understand the theft of intellectual property and forced disclosure of technology by the Chinese that has resulted in their latest jet fighter having a very interesting resemblance to our F-35. While Joe, and Barry, sat there decimating our military capability and capacity, China was, and still is, growing theirs.

China is a competitive entity for the US in the East Africa region, and they are engaged in Syria, and Venezuela. As well, it is China who, thanks to another Democrat “Stuck on Stupid” president, Jimmy Carter, has the contract to operate the Panama Canal, something built with strategic importance and value for the United States Navy.

What Joe Biden has evidenced in just two short weeks is that he is a blunder. He has spoken delusional falsifications about our economic growth, and now displays his lack of understanding of national security and foreign policy. It is China that is in our hemisphere building ports and other infrastructure throughout the Caribbean. Yet again, Biden’s recognizable faux pas reminds me of the third national security policy debate of ol’ Barack and Mitt Romney. When Bob Schieffer posed the question about the greatest geopolitical threat, Romney replied, Russia. “Stuck on Stupid” Barry started talking about horse cavalry, bayonets,  and chided Romney that, “the 80s was calling for its foreign policy back.” Hmm, why it is that now, Russia is this massive menace . . . yet it was Obama and Hillary who came up with the stupid yellow toy box with the red button…the infamous “Russian reset button”.

It was VP Biden who sat there and went along with Barry Soetoro’s vision of “strategic patience” when it came to dealing with North Korea. I bet Lil’ Rocket Man sure wished that Hillary Clinton had won.

Folks, the evidence is indisputable, the winna winna, chicken dinna for this week’s “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition is former Vice President, and multiple time presidential candidate, Crazy, Creepy, Nutty, Uncle Joe Biden.

Tennessee Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen gets an honorable mention for his Stuck on Stupid stunt of having a bucket of chicken at the House Judiciary Committee meeting.

Always remember the progressive socialist left realizes that they are stupid and they embrace failed policies that are a special kind of stupid. But, in order for socialism to find success, they need useful idiots . . . a growing number here in America.

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