Photo of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez AOC at border via Twitter, in an article by Allen West.

Crying Wolf . . . Again!

In Foreign Policy, Front Page, Illegal immigration, National Security by Allen West

Theatrics are not a sign of leadership, rather, they are a sign of attention-grabbing incompetence. This is the best way to describe the antics of one so-called US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

It appears that this freshman member of Congress never misses an opportunity to display that she has foot-in-mouth disease. But what is even more disconcerting is that the leftist media continues to placate her by providing a platform for this serial repository of delusional and deranged outbursts.

It was not too long ago that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, in one of her absurd home videos, made the claim that the United States Border Patrol was running “concentration camps.” This, of course, is not a metaphor to be taken lightly, unless you are a childlike individual masquerading as an adult, seeking attention. Her reasoning — and so-called justification for using such terminology — was even worse. Then again, her freshman cohort Rashida Tlaib asserted that the Holocaust gives her a “calming feeling.”

Where does one find these types of people? But more importantly, who are the people who vote for them? Yes, Vladimir Lenin was correct when he coined the term “useful idiots.”

But what is most disturbing about Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s quite imbecilic rant from a Border Patrol facility in Texas is her complete lack of comprehension about this issue. I must give her credit her with this: she shares this quality with the rest of her progressive socialist ilk, as it was on full display last week during the Democrat (socialist) Party debates.

Are these leftists so deranged that they truly think we, thinking Americans, do not understand that they are the ones who have caused this massive invasion of our Constitutional Republic? These facilities Ocasio-Cortez ranted about, were never designed to receive thousands of illegal immigrants a day. Let us not forget that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez voted against any typed of funding for Border Patrol facility improvements.

Last week at her party’s presidential debate, every single one of their candidates, on evening two, raised their hands to declare that they would provide free healthcare to illegal immigrants. In California and New York, they are giving free healthcare to illegal immigrants, as well as driver’s licenses.

The leftists attempt to deceive us by using references such as “undocumented workers,” “migrants,” “asylum seekers,” and “newcomers.” All that sounds so very emotional, tugging on the heart-strings, but the bottom line is that these are illegal immigrants who are risking their lives, and those of their children, coming to the United States because the progressive socialists are telling them they can come . . . and stay. Declaring cities and states that they control as “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants, as well as openly calling for the abolishing of the law enforcement office, ICE, that is responsible for keeping us safe from those here illegally. As a matter of fact, we have leftists in elected offices who collude with illegal immigrants tipping them off to ICE operations.

When we have individuals in the Democrat (socialist) Party who have openly declared that they support “open borders” this is the result. When you have folks who say that there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant, and that entering the United States of America illegally should no longer be a criminal offense, this is what you get. When, as in San Francisco, you have a five-time deported criminal illegal immigrant that shoots and kills a young American woman, Kate Steinle, found not guilty, not even on illegal firearms possession, that entices more bad behavior.

The left are the ones, with these policies, that are supporting the drug cartels, coyotes, and human and sex trafficking. Yes, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and her acolytes are making business really good for these purveyors of the most heinous of criminal activity . . . without shame.

We have judicial activists who are not concerned with our rule of law, and its interpretation. They support open borders as an ideological agenda. Therefore, they enable this scourge of hundreds of thousands, in the past six months, who have flooded our southern border, after being coached as to what to say.

I have seen the border patrol facility in McAllen, Texas. These agents are doing incredible work in light of the fact progressive socialists are doing everything possible to undermine them and their duties and responsibilities, in their service to our Constitutional Republic.

The reasons being given for 'asylum,' fleeing gang violence and better economic conditions, could also be used in many of the inner city communities in America . . . run by progressive socialists. Click To Tweet

The reasons being given for “asylum,” fleeing gang violence and better economic conditions, could also be used in many of the inner city communities in America . . . run by progressive socialists.

How often did the progressive socialist left assert that the issues at our southern border are a “manufactured crisis” and just some political stunt of President Trump’s? Now, they want to say, we never said it was not a crisis, but now it is a crisis — a humanitarian crisis — of the Border Patrol and the Trump administration’s making. Baloney. All of this is the creation of the progressive socialist left who do not believe America is a sovereign nation, a Constitutional Republic, with a rule of law to abide by and obey . . . along with borders to defend, and a citizenry to protect.

Let’s be honest: El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are failed entities, but that is not the fault of the United States, who provides aid to these countries. They are failing their own people due to their political corruption, and incompetence. But, when aided and abetted by the insidious stances and rhetoric of the progressive socialist left, these failed states are relieved of their responsibilities to their citizens . . . and they violate our laws.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democrat (socialist) Party have blood on their hands. The father and daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande is the fault of those who are promising the moon to illegal immigrants. Sadly, no one mentions the times when Border Patrol agents jumped into the Rio Grande river to save illegal immigrants, that is called “ideological selective news.” The progressive socialist left have created this crisis, and they think we are so dumb as to believe their little game of blame shifting, all for political and electoral gain. Shame on their lying media outlets that support their agenda and participate in proliferating their absurd talking points.

What should be happening is that we process people seeking to enter our nation illegally, and immediately return them back to their native land. There is an open door to America, and we welcome them there. The leaders of their countries need to be held accountable to their citizens. Yes, criminal illegal immigrants, and those who have not presented themselves for their hearings, must be apprehended and deported back to their native land. This is about respecting our rule of law. America is not a dumping ground, and we do welcome those who wish to honor and respect our country, its Constitution.

But, most importantly, we cannot allow those who promise American taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants to gain political power, control, of our Republic. They do not believe there should be an America. They just want a place where they can rule, not govern. We patriots, We the People, who believe in this great nation, cannot allow that to happen.

What is truly immoral? This humanitarian crisis was created by the progressive socialist left on our southern border due to their rhetoric and support of illegal immigration.

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