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The Deadly PC Attitude of the Progressive Socialist Left

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I have stated it before, and will continue to do so: when it comes to the ideological agenda of the progressive socialist left, no one is safe. Case in point: two people are dead in London because some deranged leftists decided that a convicted Islamic jihadist should go free. It is even more absurd when you consider that this Islamic terrorist was found guilty of planning a terrorist attack and only got six years in prison. The sentence was whittled down and he was released early. Just where was this little jihadist supposed to have been going to?

The irony, a conference on rehabilitating criminals . . . you cannot rehabilitate an Islamic jihadist. If they do not have the will, courage, and character to denounce what they previously were, then there is no rehabilitation. Furthermore, this fella should have been serving a life sentence for planning said terrorist attack.

Nope, these PC leftists are more than willing to embrace Islamic jihadists and defend them, and innocent people are dead, stabbed to death.

It is no different here in America, where the ideological agenda of open borders and illegal immigrant sanctuary are killing law-abiding Americans.

As reported in Law Enforcement Today:

“Every day it seems. Every day, we read about an illegal immigrant who was protected by a sanctuary city, or a sanctuary county, or a sanctuary state, and who is subsequently arrested for a violent crime. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials are getting tired of it.

This past week, ICE officials blasted a new Colorado law that prevents local jails from keeping people in custody for ICE past their scheduled release dates. The case that has ICE officials so upset involved that of a Cuban immigrant who stands accused of attempted murder after being released from the Arapahoe County Jail last month.

However, officials from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office dispute the claim, stating that their policy has not changed since 2014, and that they notified ICE three hours before the suspect, 37-year-old Osmani Garces-Ortiz was released on bond.

Garces-Ortiz is in the United States illegally, and due to his criminal history, had his bid for permanent residency denied, according to ICE’s field office in Denver. He is now facing charges related to an incident where he tried to kill someone while out on bond. According to ICE officials, Garces-Ortiz was able to commit the additional crime due to Colorado House Bill 1124, the so-called “sanctuary law” that prohibits police and sheriff’s departments from complying with ICE detainer requests. ICE had submitted a detainer request on October 25 requesting that Garces-Ortiz be held pending whether ICE would commit him to an immigration detention center.

ICE spokeswoman Alethea Mock stated in a news release issued this past Wednesday that: “ICE wants to make it abundantly clear; Arapahoe County was not required to notify ICE regarding Garces’ release under the newly enacted law.”

However, according to Detention Services Bureau Chief Vince Line of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, they did notify ice at 3:27 p.m. on the date Garces-Ortiz was to be released. He was released from custody three hours later. When informed about the claim from the sheriff’s office, Smock said that they did notify them of Garces-Ortiz’s detention but not his release time.”

Colorado used to be a strong, conservative red state, but, thanks to the migration of Californians, it has flipped. As is the model, the Rocky Mountain state still has a majority of red counties, except for major urban centers, Denver, Boulder, and even Colorado Springs. Remember, it was in Colorado that an ICE facility was attacked and the US flag was lowered and a Mexican flag raised instead. That, alone, tells ya all you need to know.

Here is the ideologically driven progressive socialist left that wants to abolish ICE. Why do we need a law enforcement agency whose purpose is to prevent a growing illegal immigrant class in America . . . a criminal one at that? Why is it that the leftists in America prefer to allow dangerous illegal immigrants, such as this one, to roam our streets and threaten our lives? Why does the left believe the sanctuary of criminal illegal immigrants is more important than that of hard-working honest everyday American citizens, and legal residents?

Well, it is the same answer as to why the leftists in England released a convicted Islamic jihadist. The left’s pandering knows no bounds and they find comfort in associations with Islamic jihadists and criminal illegal immigrants. The progressive socialist left could not care less about your safety when it comes to their agenda.

Here in Texas, we are the top state in America for human and sex trafficking, and the left wants open borders, decriminalizing illegal crossing of our borders, and to abolish ICE. One of the ICE missions is human and sex trafficking, but that should not be an obstacle to the left’s agenda. Hmm, when was the last time you heard Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or her “suicide squad” members address that issue? Yet, somehow, we are supposed to give the progressive socialist left more electoral and political power in our America?

In these series of Democrat (socialist) Party debates, who has challenged the clown car occupants on the issue of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, counties, and states? To think, we recently shared with you a story about Second Amendment sanctuary counties trending in America . . . which the left dismisses. See, being able to protect and defend yourself is not in alignment with the ideological agenda of the left. But, these are the people who want criminal illegal immigrants, and gangs, to run rampant about our country . . . and render you defenseless.

What type of delusional useful idiot supports that premise?

We are in the final month of the year 2019. Next year is 2020. I pray that America will have the clarity of vision to see just how delusional, deranged, devious, disturbing, and dangerous the progressive socialist left is in America. If anything, I will be the Visine to help y’all clearly see this evident, domestic threat to our Constitutional Republic.

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