Decriminalizing Illegal Border Crossings

In Illegal immigration by Allen West

If there is one thing that is supposed to happen in a debate, moderators are supposed to be objective and challenge the assertions of the participants. For the second night of the second iteration of the Democrat debates, we saw little of that again, first from MSNBC and this week from CNN. Notice how there were no questions about the economy or anything that would make those Democrat (socialist) Party presidential candidates address critical issues?

If there was one issue I paid attention to, it was the assertion by these individuals that they supported decriminalizing illegal crossings of our border. I just have to ask: if you do not believe in American sovereignty as a Constitutional Republic, then what do you want to be President of?

If we have individuals who have admitted that they embrace open borders and not protecting our national sovereignty, then they are disqualified from being the president of these United States of America. These are the same folks who, almost unanimously, agreed that they would provide free healthcare benefits to illegal immigrants, which, of course, would be paid for by American citizens.

We can all have policy disagreements on taxes, fiscal policy, national security and foreign policy, and the pertinent social issues. But, why would we select anyone to be president of these United States who will not honor, respect, or uphold our rule of law, namely our national sovereignty?

Wednesday evening the second group of 10 expressed their angst on the subject of deportation. Heck, one of them is a former mayor of a major Texas city, San Antonio, Julian Castro.

This is what the CNN moderators should have presented last night on the topic of open borders, decriminalizing illegal crossing, and deportations. As reported by Townhall:

“The apprehension of previously deported criminals convicted of sexual molestation clearly evidences the urgent need to secure the nation’s southern border. A previously deported Mexican male who had been “convicted on three counts of Sexual Abuse of a Child” was recently arrested after returning to the United States. Border Patrol agents apprehended the illegal alien last Saturday and then discovered his heinous criminal record. Border Patrol agents conducted records checks, which revealed that the man, later identified as Gregorio Neri-Basilio, a 36-year-old Mexican national, was convicted on three counts of Sexual Abuse of a Child on July 13, 2004 out of Utah County, Utah.  He was sentenced to 12 months in prison for his crimes.  Additionally, Neri was removed from the United States by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Feb. 24, 2005 as an aggravated felon. Neri is being held in federal custody pending further criminal prosecution.

On the very same day as Neri’s arrest another previously deported criminal alien was arrested.  Authorities in the Tucson Sector apprehended a Guatemalan man who already had a rap sheet in the Sunshine State. He was part of a “group of 16 men, women, and children” according to CBP: Agents conducting criminal database checks learned that Pedro Nolasco-Garcia, a 52-year-old Guatemalan national traveling with the women and children, was convicted of Lewd or Lascivious Conduct and Failure to register as a Sex Offender on July 31, 2015, in Jacksonville, Florida. Nolasco, a felon reentering the country after prior deportation, will face federal prosecution for immigration violations.”

I can only surmise one thing: the progressive socialist left is fine with criminal illegal immigrants, sex offenders, roaming American streets and threatening our children and women. When I hear these chuckleheads speak about open borders and decriminalizing illegally crossing, entering, these United States, my reasonable understanding is that they are accepting the consequences and ramifications of that policy decision.

I can only surmise one thing: @TheDemocrats are fine with criminal illegal immigrants roaming American streets and threatening our children and women Click To Tweet

Why was it that Wednesday night, not a single CNN moderator asked these delusional people if they also supported human and sex trafficking? Why did those three CNN moderators not ask any of the candidates if they were against deportations, and for abolishing ICE, then how do we keep criminal illegal immigrants and violent gang members off our streets? Not a single one was challenged when they spoke about ceasing deportations, or if they believed we should deport MS-13 members, of whom we have written about here on this website . . . most recently the barbaric crimes in California, a sanctuary state, where 24 MS-13 members were arrested. Funny, no one asked Kamala Harris that question.

I want y’all who call yourselves Democrats, progressive socialists, if you think a criminal illegal immigrant sex offender is going to ask your political affiliation before they rape you, your wife, daughter, or molest your child? Here in Dallas, we have a very serious issue with human and sex trafficking. You so-called humanitarian leftists, is this okay with y’all? I mean if you want open borders and decriminalizing of illegal border crossings, like Julian Castro, then you really do not care.

I was in Washington, DC, this week. Upon landing at Reagan National Airport I saw a young lady with an “Abolish ICE” t-shirt. So, this young lady, certainly a radical progressive socialist leftist, has no problem with allowing criminal illegal immigrant sex offenders to roam freely in America? I guess she is angered that ICE conducted a raid operation and discovered these two sex offenders, previously deported, who reentered our country . . . illegally.

I am just going to simply state this: if you are a person voting for these individuals who would undermine our national sovereignty and place your life in danger . . . yes, you are stuck on stupid. I want you to think about it: you would be voting to allow these illegal miscreants to walk our streets. You would be saying to them, “we hate our country so much that we would put ourselves in harm’s way.”

No one advocating for open borders, decriminalizing illegal crossing into our country, and abolishing ICE is qualified to be our president . . . end of story! Click To Tweet

The reason why I will fight you progressive socialists with all my might is that I will not allow you to endanger the people I love: Angela, Aubrey, and Austen. As well, I will not allow you to endanger my friends and their families. Too many American families have lost their loved ones to criminal illegal immigrants.

Most importantly, I will not allow you to disrespect, endanger, and destroy the Constitution I took an oath to support and defend . . . and the country that I love, these United States of America.

No one advocating for open borders, decriminalizing illegal crossing into our country, and abolishing ICE is qualified to be our president . . . end of story!

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