Man holding sign saying nobody is illegal at a rally to protest travel ban used in an article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot regarding illegal immigration

The Definition of ‘Illegal’

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This will be short and to the point, folks. The word illegal is defined as “contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law…not according to or authorized by law; illicit also: not sanctioned by official rules (as of a game).”

So, what is it about “illegal” immigration that the progressive socialist left does not understand? I mean, they have attempted to redefine this by changing the language, such as “undocumented worker.” So, if you are here in American illegally and not working, then what are you? An “undocumented non-worker?” I jest, but the absurdity is recognized. I think it is truly time we asked our elected officials, whom do you serve? Well, I think we need to immediately ask that question of the elected officials in New Jersey.

As reported by CNS News:

“New Jersey lawmakers have introduced a bill making it easier for illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses. The bill, S3229/A4743, “creates two categories of driver’s licenses and identification cards; allows residents unable to prove lawful presence in [the] U.S. to receive permits and standard driver’s licenses or identification cards,” News 12 New Jersey reported. 

The group “Let’s Drive NJ,” which supports the bill, says it will “strengthen cooperation between immigrant communities and law enforcement” and “hold more motorists accountable.” 

“When more motorists are registered and licensed, law enforcement will be able to hold more motorists accountable for their driving records,” the group said. Critics point out that it’s unfair for legal New Jersey residents, who have to provide “six points” of identification to get a driver’s license, which illegal immigrants don’t have. 

Meanwhile, New Jersey is one of several states still working to comply with the REAL ID program. According to the DHS website, the REAL ID Act “establishes minimum security standards for license issuance and production and prohibits Federal agencies from accepting for certain purposes driver’s licenses and identification cards from states not meeting the Act’s minimum standards.”

Here is the common sense question I would ask: “How do you provide a legal government document — which is what a driver’s license is — to someone who is in America illegally? I am happy that folks want people to drive in NJ, but the folks out on the roads in America should be legal citizens. As a matter of fact, how does one here illegally obtain legal car insurance, the real protection for legal drivers from those illegally on our roads? Receiving a driver’s license is not a right, it is a privilege. So, is New Jersey following suit with California and affording rights to those here illegally? Yes, please refer back to the aforementioned definition of illegal.

Of course, there are those progressive socialists who will say that no human being is illegal . . . hmm. Well, if we have legal, lawful, immigration, then what is the opposite of that, folks? Yeah, I think that is also rather simple to comprehend.

Let me ask these elected officials in New Jersey this question, “is it legal to aid and abet someone who is here in America illegally”? I mean truly, doing something that is against the law, well, is that not illegal, like providing a legal document to someone here illegally? Now, does this mean that New Jersey will allow illegal immigrants to vote in elections? After all, they will have a legal document, a picture ID.

Speaking of which: if the liberal progressive left sees it as this easy to give picture IDs to those here illegally, why is it so hard for legal citizens to acquire a picture ID?

In my honest assessment, providing benefits, legal documents, and sanctuary to those here illegally is an illegal act. I find it abhorrent that we have elected officials who believe — cherry pick — which laws apply to them. Normally the litmus test is their ideological agenda. I am a law-abiding, legal, citizen of these United States of America. I do not want folks that are here illegally operating vehicles on our roadways, that puts me, and all other legal residents, citizens, in danger. Then again, we must come to the reckoning that certain elected officials care little about the law-abiding citizens, as well as legal immigrants when it comes to their ideological agenda.

What I also find absurd and quite disconcerting is that the progressive socialist left has no issue with providing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, a privilege. Yet, at the same time, these same leftists want to deny me, and others, our constitutional Second Amendment right. What’s up with that, y’all?

New Jersey is another one of those failing blue states. My continued concern is that folks will leave the Garden State and head to law-abiding, economically prosperous, and efficiently run red states, and then turn them into failing blue states.

Speaking of cards, and privilege, maybe red states should start stopping people at the border when they are moving in and ask them what color card they have, blue or red. If you have a red card, come on in. If you have a blue card, you must relinquish it and receive a new red card. If you refuse to relinquish your blue card then please, with all due respect, go back to the place where all the people vote blue, and give legal documents, drivers licenses, to those in America, illegally.

Folks, what New Jersey and the left are doing, granting drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, is wrong on so many levels.

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