Screenshot of the 1st set of Democrat Party candidates from the first of a two night event, in an article by Allen West.

Dem Presidential Candidate Clown Car: Part 2

In Elections, Front Page by Allen West

Tonight we will have the second test run of the progressive socialist presidential candidate clown car. Yes, this evening CNN will be hosting the second Democrat (socialist) presidential debate. If it is anything like the first one, we will be exposed to more delusional, deranged, leftist philosophy centered on the principles of wealth redistribution, nationalizing economic production, expansion of the welfare, dependency, state, social egalitarianism, and secular humanism.

If there is one thing we must all give kudos to the left about, it is their fervor. They are vehemently committed to fight, stand up for, and defend the most insidious and absurd policy proposals and ideals. As true socialists, they will use any means necessary, meaning coercion, threats, intimidation, mandate, and violence to advance their ideological agenda. In other words, they will go into an apoplectic rage in order to subjugate and dominate any political opposition.

Now, with that being known — and no longer debatable — why is it that Republicans seem to have a problem finding their Big Boy pants and putting a foot on the gas pedal?

#DemDebate: If Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, and Saul Alinsky were still alive, they would be sitting in the front row, cheering, clapping, and shedding tears of pride. #DemocratDebate Click To Tweet

When Democrats take the reins of political power, you never hear anything about “bipartisanship” or “compromise.” Even after the utter debacle that was the Mueller hearing last week, they have endeavored to triple down in pursuing impeachment, and further investigations of President Donald Trump. In their warped world, being defeated in a presidential election is unacceptable, and House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerrold Nadler, has convinced himself that the president has committed crimes, yet, no one seems to be able to list them.

There is a time coming when we need resolute Republicans who will do as Admiral Farragut commanded at the Battle of Mobile, “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.” We continue to be amazed at how Republicans will roll over and basic fundamental principles, like fiscal responsibility, which they say they are for. Yes, there are some flashes of strength, but it is intermittent. One has to ask why was it that the Republicans had control of the House, Senate, and White House, yet failed to advance legislation that would protect this nation from the scourge of illegal immigration. Okay, I got it. The “rules” of the Senate say you must have 60 votes in the Senate.

Why is it that #Republicans seem to have a problem finding their Big Boy pants and putting a foot on the gas pedal? #DemocratDebates #Election2020 #2020Election Click To Tweet

Well, I must invoke the sage advice of one retired Marine First Sergeant Jim Reifinger, “if you find yourself in a fair fight, it’s because your tactics suck.” America needs a political party that advances a clear delineation from progressive socialists, not one that embraces some aspects of progressivism. America needs a political party that fights back and does so vocally. Why, at this time, do we have leftist domestic terrorist gangs, such as Antifa, freely roaming about our country, and enacting violence against any political opposition? Just as we should declare the Muslim Brotherhood an Islamic terrorist organization, the same should be happening with these groups who are conducting violent acts in our Republic. Guess what? You will not hear a single Democrat (socialist) Party presidential candidate mention this very point.

As a matter of fact, all we will hear from these leftist candidates will be that President Trump is a racist. The CNN debate moderators will do nothing to challenge these absurd assertions. No one will ever counter the left and make them explain their abject failures in the major urban centers of the United States. But, this is what we need the Republican Party to do, put their foot on the gas pedal and “gun it” — for you leftists that means firing up the engine and going fast. Of course, these leftists will try to accuse me, your humble Old School Patriot as advocating for gun violence against them.

Here in Texas, we are losing the bright conservative red color of the Lone Star State. The title of a missive in the Lone Star Voice was “Will a Blue Texas be Governor Abbott’s Legacy?” Sadly, Texas is now a purple state where its major cities are run by progressive socialists. It is a state where its capital resembles San Francisco more than what one would believe the capital of Texas should be . . . where the homeless are erecting tents.

Many principled constitutional conservatives are disappointed with the most recent 86th Texas Legislative session. Perhaps we should ask ourselves: what is the difference between the progressive socialist left Legislature in California and the Republican majority in Texas? Simple, the latter is being lost.

I have used this saying before, and have heard others articulate it as well: “the only thing in the middle of the road is roadkill.” I do not want to be roadkill, and neither should the Republican Party.

This evening, on that debate stage, we will see the greatest threat and danger to our nation currently: a bunch of avowed socialists who want political power. What we need is a dedicated political opposition that will move toward the sound of the guns and engage the fight for our Republic.

Free healthcare for illegal immigrants? Disarming of American citizens? Wealth redistribution? Social justice egalitarianism? Disregard of our rule of law? Totalitarian ideological domination?

That is what will be on display this evening . . . let’s crush it!