Screenshot of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi during the Democrat response to President Trumps address regarding the crisis at the border and the government shutdown.

Democrats’ Priorities on Display

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It is time to end the pretense and put forth the seminal question that the progressive socialist left, the Democrat Party, must answer: Americans or illegals?

I have had enough of this incessant droning on about “comprehensive immigration reform,” meaning an amnesty program to allow millions who disregarded our rule of law to become American citizens. We have shared with you eight slides from the Department of Homeland Security that address the crisis at our southern border.

God knows I wish President Trump had used those slides last night to inform the American people. Yes, the American people are compassionate, but our safety and security is vital, and rightfully so. However, it is utterly apparent that the Democrat Party has placed the concerns of illegal immigrants far above those of the American people. And what is worse, these delusional socialists expect the American people to pay for it.

As reported by Fox News:

“New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday announced plans to launch “the largest, most comprehensive plan in the nation” to guarantee health care coverage for all city residents, including those in the country illegally. 

“Health care is a right, not a privilege reserved for those who can afford it,” de Blasio said in a statement. “While the federal government works to gut health care for millions of Americans, New York City is leading the way by guaranteeing that every New Yorker has access to quality, comprehensive access to care, regardless of immigration status or their ability to pay.”

The liberal mayor said the plan will serve the 600,000 New Yorkers who don’t have insurance by strengthening NYC’s public health insurance option, MetroPlus.

It will also guarantee health care access to those ineligible for insurance, including illegal immigrants who live in New York. That program, NYC Care, will launch this summer and will cost at least $100 million annually at full scale, the city said. 

In a tweet, de Blasio said the plan will “ensure the first stop for people isn’t the emergency room.” He argued that preventative care and access to primary care doctors will cut down on emergency room visits. But it’s unclear how the program will be funded, and Republicans swiftly objected to using taxpayer dollars to pay for health care for those in the country illegally. 

“Our citizens have hard enough time covering their own healthcare costs,” Nicole Malliotakis, a member of the New York State Assembly who represents Brooklyn and Staten Island, tweeted. “Now, @nycmayor also wants them to pay for healthcare of 300,000 citizens of other countries. He must stop abusing the middle class and treating us like his personal ATM.”

I recently wrote a column for CNS News that asked a very important question: “Is Healthcare a Right?” It appears that Mayor de Blasio is another one of those leftists that believes anything that is part of their socialist ideology is a right.

What I find rather hypocritical is that in our rule of law, the US Constitution, there is this thing called the Second Amendment, part of the individual Bill of Rights. Why is it that this right is infringed upon — no, disallowed — in New York City? So, let me ponder this one, de Blasio decides that healthcare is a right and that others shall pay for it. Yet, a declared constitutional right, the right to keep and bear arms, well, is not a right?

This is what I despise about the left, their inane ability to assert what they believe is and is not a right. So, law-abiding, legal, Americans cannot purchase a firearm and protect themselves in NYC? Certainly cannot concealed carry those firearms . . . but doggone, those same Americans are now gonna foot the bill for the healthcare of those here illegally? Yep, that is what we call FUBAR!

But, de Blasio is not the only leftist elected official in America, stuck on stupid.

The article continues:

“De Blasio’s announcement came after California’s new Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom outlined a similarly ambitious health care agenda for his state, aimed at offering more benefits to illegal immigrants and protecting the embattled Affordable Care Act. Medi-Cal, the state’s health insurance program, now will let illegal immigrants remain on the rolls until they are 26, up from 19, according to Newsom’s new agenda.” 

Think about this: recently, a legal immigrant who became a law enforcement officer in Newman California, Officer Ronil Singh, was laid to rest. He was murdered by a criminal illegal immigrant gang member. I do not think Gavin Newsom found time in his schedule to attend Officer Singh’s funeral. But Newsom sure found time to tell the Singh family that those in California illegally would be getting taxpayer-funded healthcare. Newsom in his inaugural speech reinforced his commitment that California would be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants . . . ya know, like the one who gunned down an innocent young American woman named Kate Steinle.

I do not know about you, but I have had it with these charlatan chuckleheads who are clearly telling us all whom they prioritize.

These demented leftists wanna tell us that this whole thing about illegal immigration is manufactured . . . tell that to Mollie Tibbetts’ family, or the widow and five-month-old child of Officer Singh. Tell it to all the American families who are separated from their loved ones, permanently, well, at least here on earth.

There is nothing manufactured about the scourge of illegal immigration in America. If the leftists want something done about the opioid, drug crisis in America, well, stem the flow of illicit drugs into America.

We have Islamic jihadists and gang members seeping into our society, that is the truth, not manufactured. However, for the progressive socialist left, anything that does not support their ideological agenda is dismissed, held in contempt . . . and that means you, the hard-working everyday American citizen, and legal resident.

It is time we stop playing this game with the progressive socialist left, and face the truth. These leftists do not give a damn about Americans or America. They are hell-bent on fundamentally transforming the United States from a Constitutional Republic to a doggone lawless Banana Republic. They have no compunction about flooding this Country with criminal illegal immigrants, gangs, and Islamic jihadists, while seeking each and every means to disarm the American people.

People like de Blasio, Newsom, and their ilk have one quest, power, and they want a permanent group that will enable their ascension and maintaining of said power, control. Funny thing, these elected officials take an oath to our rule of law, but care less. They are elected by citizens who can vote, yet they prefer those here in America who cannot vote . . . not yet.

Next time you confront a progressive socialist, ask them the simple question . . . Americans or Illegals? If they do not immediately respond with the former, then yes, they have identified themselves as an Enemy of this State, this Nation, our America. And my oath to the Constitution was to support and defend it against ALL enemies . . . foreign . . . and domestic.

One last thing: if you disagree with de Blasio and Newsom, and move out of NYC or California, do not bring your leftist folly to Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, or North Carolina . . . these States are near and dear to my heart. And I am more than willing to honor my oath to the Constitution.