Painting taken from a photo of slaves during American slavery in an article by LTC Allen West on the reparations movement.

Dem’s 3 R’s: Redistribution, Reparations, RESIST!

In Culture, Economics, Front Page, History by Allen West

If there is one theme that ideologically separates constitutional conservatives from progressive socialists it is — victor vs. victim. The left must have victims and they will go to no ends to create them in reality, or fiction. And what is even worse, they will enact policies that generate victims all for their ideological domination and electoral patronage. Obama’s theme of “Yes We Can” was not about the indomitable individual entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and determination. No, it was about yes, we — government — can rule over your lives, and redefine what is a right, based upon our ideological agenda, and force you into a perpetual state of dependency and economic enslavement instead of economic empowerment. After all, you didn’t build that!

And so, one of the most absurd, insidious, and dangerous policies of the tyrannical left in America has reared its head once again: reparations.

As reported by US News:

“Reparations for slave descendants is emerging as a prominent theme in the Democratic presidential primary as issues surrounding race move to the forefront of the 2020 election, though debate remains over how exactly compensation would be delivered and what even qualifies as a reparation. 

The Democratic candidates who have said they support reparations in some form include Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts as well as former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro. Long-shot candidate Marianne Williamson has unveiled the most thorough plan, proposing $100 billion in financial compensation. 

It’s an issue that has garnered opposition from both sides of the aisle, most notably former President Barack Obama, the first African-American to win the White House. And 2016 polling from Marist College found that a majority of Americans oppose direct payments to descendants of slaves, though 68 percent of African-Americans support reparations for all black citizens. But the growing support among 2020 Democrats indicates the changing attitudes on reparations as the candidates vie to win over black voters in a crowded primary field.

Still, implementing some type of reparations – and for whom – remains unsettled. While the dialogue about reparations has entered mainstream political discussion, candidates have at times appeared to muddle the issue, raising it in connection with different approaches that would address race-based income inequality. 

“Reparations in some way is a proxy for a larger conversation about inequality and racism on the impact of mobility,” says Adrianne Shropshire, executive director of BlackPAC, a national group working to mobilize black voters.

“Attempting to look at the real impact of centuries of discriminatory policy targeting black people is an important conversation for us to have.”

I have an idea: since slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, poll taxes, Literacy tests, lynchings, and the decimation of the nuclear, traditional black family are all tied to the policies of the Democrat Party . . . the party of the jackass should pick up the tab.

This is yet another of those divisive wealth redistribution schemes courtesy of the “Walking (Brain) Dead” of the Democrat party. As a black man born and raised in the South, I find this utterly condescending and offensive. It is yet another example of the progressive socialist mantra of the soft bigotry of low expectations. All I have, and anyone should ask for, is the equality of opportunity. Instead, these elitists of the left believe in the equality of outcomes and seek to give the real crumbs of their blessings to us po’ lil’ Negroes.

Let me be damn clear: any black person supporting such folly is one who still maintains a slave mentality. It is not a physical bondage, no, it is far worse, it is an economic bondage which demeans one and tells them that they are nothing but a victim.

Gotta ask: for all those who are in an interracial marriage, should the white spouse write them a check, and say, “Baby, I am so sorry for what my ancestors — centuries ago — did?” How stupid, and doggone, we are not even to Saturday but here we have a serious contender for our “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition.

So, how much money should the US taxpayer give to Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey? What is the cut line to apply? Will these reparations be given as retribution to those who have since passed, or just to living descendants? If you have an earning power or income of what amount will you get your reparation, or is there a “means test?”

Heck, if you are a black Republican, and a descendant of a former slave do you get anything? Y’all know the answer to that question. Talk about buying votes, and the most disingenuous, disparaging, offer that could ever be made to free people. Heck, should the Egyptians pay the Jews? I mean how far back does this potentially go, why not include white indentured servants of the British crown?

This, of course, should not be any surprise, after all this is the political party that is devoid of any new, fresh, ideas. They just retread socialist blather. Think about it, this is also part of the Green New Deal, remember, give money to people unwilling to work. This time, we are giving money to people for labor — yes, forced — that they never did.

See, I think this is all a big ol’ Democrat guilt trip. Ya know, all those Confederate statues that they want to rip down? Well, they were the ones who erected them in the first place.

Lemme share a little history with y’all: the Texas GOP was birthed by blacks. As a matter of fact, one of the early Texas Republican party Chairmen was a black man, Norris Wright Cuney. He served as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas for 14 years, 1884-1898. He was also a customs official and was deemed one of the most powerful black men of the 19th century. Men like Cuney and Booker T. Washington did not ask for reparations, they only sought out the equality of opportunity that could be afforded them. Heck, the first Oprah Winfrey was Madame CJ Walker. She earned her wealth, even in the times of Democrat segregation. She didn’t seek any doggone reparations.

I wholeheartedly condemned these progressive socialists who want to maintain their slavery mindset over my black community. I am disgusted with any black person who would embrace this abject disrespect . . . where is your pride?

Simply put, take this idea of reparations and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Yes, there is only a one-word response to this leftist victimology folly: FUBAR!