Photo of yearbook photos ob Ralph Northam from medical school, in an article on the Old School Patriot by Allen West

The Dems Kick Off Black History Month

In Culture, Democrats, Front Page by Allen West

Well, it appears that Virginia Democrat Governor, Ralph Northam, has once again embarrassed himself. A medical school yearbook picture has surfaced showing Northam, in 1984, as one of the individuals in blackface, or wearing a KKK outfit, hood and robe.

In 1984 I was an Army Second Lieutenant, Commandant List graduate of Field Artillery School, Airborne and Jumpmaster School, and off to Vicenza, Italy, for my first tour of duty.

In contrast, the future Governor of Virginia was living up to the history of the Democrat Party, the home of the Ku Klux Klan. After Northam’s endorsement of infanticide, and this, I believe he should resign.

Can you imagine if he were a Republican Governor? Then again, as stated, the Klan was the Democrat Party’s first domestic terrorist gang, now they have Antifa.