Photo of the Department of Homeland Security logo in an article by LTC Allen West about a new briefing on the border crisis on the Old School Patriot website.

DHS Releases Dire Border Brief

In Front Page, Immigration, National Security by Allen West

Here is an eight-slide briefing presentation from the Department of Homeland Security.

I trust the people on the ground who are dealing with this threat. Yes, I said threat. This illegal immigration issue is a threat to our sovereign nation on many fronts. It represents a national security threat, a healthcare threat, an illicit drugs crisis threat, and a local criminality threat (gangs).

For the progressive socialists of the Democrat Party, who desire open borders and wish to abolish ICE, to tell us they are for border security is abjectly disingenuous and absurd.

Part of a border security system is a wall — a barrier — not a 1,700 mile long contiguous structure, but a strategically placed obstacle to entry along the major illegal immigrant infiltration corridors.

Our federal government operates a $4.4T budget, deficits and all, so $5.7B is not going to cause a financial collapse. Chuck and Nancy are trying to redefine border security in conjunction with their ideological agenda, which includes sanctuary cities and states.

Just to reiterate, the American people are more concerned about their safety and security, not non-essential government employees that ya can’t fire.

View the DHS presentation here.