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Dire Lessons the US Must Learn from Europe

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It is amazing to me to watch history unfold before our eyes and many do not realize it is happening. I remember when I read a book by Mark Steyn called America Alone. In that book, he articulated the coming demise and downfall of old Europe based upon one very telling factor, demographic shift. Steyn’s literary work examined the falling birth rates in Western European countries and saw that as a “canary in a coal mine.” He did a comparative analysis with those of white Europeans to that of those immigrating into those same countries. The result of his hypothesis is now coming to fruition: old Europe is dying at its own hands.

It appears that the days of deep philosophical thinkers such as Locke and Montesquieu are long past. There are no more Edmund Burkes, Alexander Fraser Tytler’s, Alexis de Tocqueville’s, and John Stuart Mills’ that inspire us with deep thoughts about liberty and freedom. Instead, Western Europe is reflecting a failure in multiculturalism, progressive socialism, elevation of the welfare nanny-state, and a loss of spirituality. Many of the great early Christian thought leaders were from western Europe, now those churches are museums.

Over the past week, we have seen an utter indication of the decline, demise, and downfall of Western Europe. What’s interesting to note is that it was just 100 years ago, one century, when our brave men went “over there” to put an end to the “war that would end all wars,” World War I.

It was not even 30 years later that once again we sent our brave men to the shores of Europe to restore their freedom, their liberty. We stood there on those ramparts, safeguarding and enabling Europe to regain its legs, shielding it from another specter of tyranny, communism. It was the courage, resolve, and commitment of the United States that caused a victory in a Cold War, resulting in the tearing down of a wall of separation, reunifying Germany, and bringing freedom and liberty to a generation that had not experienced it.

But, look at Western Europe today, and a cacophony of failures is dooming a continent where my dad fought, and I served. First of all, the attempt to create a collective governing body that has grossly overstepped its intended objective, the European Union, has eroded any semblance of national destiny or determination. When you have a collective group of bureaucrats who seek to run the affairs of sovereign nations, it never works out well. The so-called Eurozone, intended to strengthen trade alliances, has become an albatross. It is an organization that is not capable of managing — certainly not governing — all of these member States. The current kerfuffle between the UK and the European Union is a telltale sign as to why these collective governing organizations fail. Yes, NATO is, without a doubt, one of the most successful collective security organizations the world has ever known. But even still, there are conflicts between the EU and NATO, mainly, financial support of NATO members, who are also EU members.

Old Europe is also failing because it has decided to adopt more left-leaning socialist nanny-state policies, while still trying to be effective free market economies. Take, for example, the riots in France, where the desire to be a part of a massive global wealth redistribution scheme, the Paris Climate Accords, brought about an insidious domestic economic policy: raising gas taxes. What was the response of French President Macron? Yep, he has promised end-of-year bonuses for workers, who already have 30 hour work weeks, mandatory paid month-long vacations, and a bevy of other exuberant government “gimmies.” France is bleeding high wealth earners profusely because they are wondering why they should stay there and be punished for producing. As a former great European leader once stated, “the inherent problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” It’s quite evident that Theresa May is no Margaret Thatcher, nor is Angela Merkel.

It was Angela Merkel’s open border policy to a “migrant caravan” that has brought a dark scourge upon Western Europe: Islamic jiahdism. We just saw yet another jihadist attack in Strasbourg, France, and of course we are told that the perpetrator’s intentions are not clear . . . Well, he was shouting “Allahu Akhbar.” This blind dismissal of evil, all for the purposes of political correctness and multiculturalism has resulted in the deaths of far too many Western Europeans, and the rapes, sexual assaults, of many European women.

Funny, all that we see ailing Western Europe is absent in the New Europa, Eastern Europe, where they are unwilling to compromise on their new-found freedoms and liberties. In Poland, they are begging the United States to station troops there. We do not see any PC nonsense of open borders. And we know that Eastern Europeans have no desire to return to the tyranny of progressive socialism.

This is why I believe that America is facing a very important strategic shift, away from failing Europa to the new one.

The reason I am writing this missive is simple: the failures of old Europe are taking root here in our America. If we do not pay attention and realize this, we may be doomed to the same fate, as we allow progressive socialists to gain power, control, in America. If Jeremy Corbin is elevated to Prime Minister in the UK, it’s game, set, match.

This quote is attributed to George Santayana back in the 1920s, “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Well, if we do not pay attention to the history, the failures that are playing out before our eyes in old Europa . . . we may repeat them here in America.

But, not on my watch y’all . . .

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Photo credit: Eric Shalov